Who is Responsible for the Corsage and Boutonniere at Prom?

ATTENTION: The Ultimate Guide to Prom Etiquette and Expenses


Prom, a traditional rite of passage, has become increasingly extravagant and costly in recent years. As high school students, it’s essential to understand who typically covers the expenses for this special event. Don’t fret! We’re here to clear things up. In this article, we’ll outline the general norms and expectations regarding who pays for what on your unforgettable prom night.

The Guy’s Responsibilities

Prom Tickets

Traditionally, guys ask girls to prom and take care of purchasing the tickets. However, times have changed. Nowadays, girls are more independent and confident, and it’s perfectly acceptable for them to ask guys to prom. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the rules regarding who pays for the tickets depend on your specific situation. If a guy goes to prom with his girlfriend, he typically covers the entire ticket cost. However, if guys attend with their friends, each individual pays for their own ticket.

The Corsage

A corsage is a small bouquet worn around the wrist during formal occasions. In the past, it was customary for the guy to buy and present the corsage to his date. This tradition originated from a way to show respect to the girl’s parents. While the tradition has shifted over time, with girls now sometimes buying their own corsages, it remains customary for guys to purchase them.

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Pre-Prom Dinner

Prom night is a lengthy affair, often beginning with a pre-prom dinner. Couples can choose to dine at home or reserve a table at a restaurant. To avoid any awkward situations, it’s crucial to plan this in advance and make reservations early. Generally, if the guy invites the girl to prom, he should cover the dinner bill. However, it’s also acceptable for both parties to split the cost.

The Girl’s Responsibilities

The Boutonniere

According to proper etiquette, the girl is traditionally responsible for purchasing the boutonniere for her date. A boutonniere consists of one or two flowers worn on the left lapel of the guy’s jacket. When he arrives to pick her up, the girl pins the boutonniere with the stem facing down. It’s advisable to coordinate the corsage and boutonniere with the color of the girl’s dress, if possible. To ensure coordination, both can be ordered from the florist together.

Responsibilities Shared by Both

After Prom

The expenses following prom, usually referred to as “after prom,” are typically split between both individuals. This is often referred to as a “dutch treat.” Splitting the bill is a fair and respectful practice, especially if your school doesn’t include these expenses in the ticket cost. Of course, there may be different ways to divide the expenses, but splitting them evenly is the most widely accepted arrangement. Regardless of how you handle the expenses, it’s important to consider your date’s opinion and preferences, especially if they are the one paying.

Dinner, limousine rental, and any other special expenses are usually split equally. However, if one person has a larger budget than the other, a proportional payment arrangement can also be considered.

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Should Parents Contribute?

Prom is often a teenager’s first formal event, and the cost can vary depending on individual budgets. While some parents choose to cover the expenses, others may not have the financial means to do so. Ultimately, it’s up to the parents’ discretion or the teenager’s own financial resources to handle the prom expenses.

In conclusion, understanding the customary responsibilities for prom expenses is essential to avoid any confusion or awkward moments. Remember, this is a special night to create unforgettable memories, so focus on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about who pays for what. Have a fantastic prom night!

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