When You Finally Discover Someone’s True Nature

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Some individuals only appreciate us when we pose no threat to their existence. They only value us when we remain silent. They only appreciate us when we tell them what they want to hear. They only value us when we prioritize them and make them feel significant. They only like us when they can exert control over us.

Certain people only want us as long as we give them the attention they crave, comply with their demands, and stay hidden in the shadows to preserve their public image. They seek our company merely to feel better about their own lives and to derive a sense of superiority if they perceive themselves as more successful than us. They recognize that we lack the qualities to match their authority, so instead of demonstrating kindness, they wield power. They desire us as long as they maintain the upper hand and can decide when to engage and when to discard us.

However, one day, you begin pursuing your own happiness, living the life you always envisioned, and stepping out of your comfort zone to radiate your true essence. You discover your ability to find light and embrace joy. You realize that your voice holds significance and that you are deserving of love.

You come to the realization that you don’t always have to play second fiddle. You don’t always have to cater to others at the expense of your own happiness. That’s when the people who only liked you when you were subservient start revealing their true colors as soon as you set boundaries. They don’t want you to hold the pen; they want you to always say yes, to always remain silent.

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And that’s when it dawns on you that these individuals never truly loved you for who you are. They loved you solely because you made them feel better about themselves. They only loved you when they knew they could break you. They loved you because you boosted their ego, made them feel more powerful, wealthier, or wiser, addressing the insecurities they held. But now, you’re no longer silencing their insecurities; you’re living life out loud, and their insecurities are resurfacing.

They don’t want you to realize the harm they’ve inflicted upon you. Instead of facing their own issues, they point their dirty fingers at you, deflecting blame and refusing to acknowledge their faults.

But now, you possess newfound wisdom. They can no longer shake you. They can no longer silence your voice. You comprehend that you don’t have to remain in the darkness.

Don’t allow them to make you miserable once more. Refuse to let them exploit your weaknesses. Don’t allow them to manipulate you into believing that you’re inadequate. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for living life on your own terms, different from theirs. Don’t allow them to believe that their misery is your happiness.

Simply let them go. Allow them to be. Distance yourself from anything that disrupts your peace and joy.

Because once you witness someone’s true colors, you cannot paint over them. The truth they have revealed cannot be unseen or denied. You can no longer delude yourself into thinking that they have your best interests at heart, because they don’t. They only prioritize their own desires.

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They only see themselves, and it’s time for you to cease viewing yourself through their eyes so that you can shine. Don’t allow them to blind you once again. Refuse to let them destroy you. It’s time to rebuild everything they tore apart. It’s time to forgive them without inviting them back into your life. They occupied so much space, and now you need to fill that void with love, hope, gratitude, wonder, and magic.

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