Nurse’s Misconduct at Highbury Hospital

A shocking case of misconduct has come to light involving a senior nurse at Highbury Hospital in Bulwell. The nurse, Aaron Kibaja, is facing allegations of inappropriate behavior towards female colleagues over a four-year period. These disturbing incidents include setting off an emergency alarm just to watch a colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran down the corridor.

Inappropriate Actions and Harassment

During the course of his employment, Kibaja allegedly engaged in a series of inappropriate actions. He would drop pens or keys and ask female colleagues to pick them up, winking and saying suggestive remarks. On several occasions, he deliberately blocked doorways, forcing the women to brush past him. It is even alleged that he groped at least two of the women during these encounters.

Unprofessional Conduct in Supervision Meetings

In addition to his inappropriate actions, Kibaja’s misconduct extended to his conduct during supervision meetings. He dropped his keys in front of a colleague and made suggestive gestures while hinting at inappropriate activities. He also made derogatory comments about their appearances, referring to one woman’s wrists as “sexy” and “pretty” and asking to touch her bum. Furthermore, he would make references to sexual positions with another colleague.

Denial of Allegations

Kibaja denies all the allegations against him, claiming that they came as a “shock.” He stated that he has never made any of the remarks attributed to him. When questioned about one particular comment, he explained that it was taken out of context and related to a conversation about team members’ preferences for food and drink.

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Impact on Personal Life

According to Kibaja, the allegations have had a profound impact on his personal life. He emphasizes that the accusations have taken a toll on his relationship with his wife and children. He asserts that he has always been truthful and that his only desire is to clear his name.

The disciplinary tribunal investigating these allegations has adjourned until May 30 to rule on the case. Such incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in the workplace.

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