Who is Jada on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Welcomes a New Female Detective

Rafe Hernandez, a character on Days of Our Lives, might soon have a new partner or love interest. Soap Opera Digest reports that on July 19, Elia Cantu will debut as Jada Hunter, a detective with the Salem PD. With the departures of Hope Brady and Lani Price Grant from the show, fans are eager to see what the future holds for Rafe.

While Kristian Alfonso, who played Hope Brady, has confirmed her departure from DOOL, she can currently be seen on Peacock’s Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem 2. Alfonso has hinted that she might be open to returning to NBC for the right storyline, potentially adding some competition for Rafe’s affection.

To make things even more exciting, Peter Reckell, who portrayed Bo Brady, is also part of the Beyond Salem 2 cast. Despite Bo’s character dying from a brain tumor, fans are hopeful that he could find his way back to Salem. If Bo were to return, Hope would no longer be an option for Rafe, leaving the door open for him to explore a possible connection with Jada.

Discovering the Facts about Elia Cantu

Before her debut on Days of Our Lives, let’s take a closer look at Elia Cantu. Beyond her upcoming role on daytime television, Cantu has made appearances in various prime-time shows such as Black-ish, 9-1-1, This Is Us, Mom, Black Monday, Criminal Minds, and Lethal Weapon. She also starred in the made-for-television movie A Cinderella Christmas.

Cantu’s talents extend beyond acting. In her school days, she played the trumpet, cheered, and danced. She was a member of both the marching band and jazz band, where she won awards as a drum major. Cantu grew up in Hanford, California, and holds a B.A. in Psychology from The California State University of Long Beach.

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On Days of Our Lives, Cantu’s character, Jada Hunter, is likely to play a pivotal role in solving the murder of Abigail Devereaux. As the investigation progresses, viewers can expect Jada’s unique perspective to shed light on the case.

The Abigail Devereaux Murder Mystery Unfolds

The murder of Abigail Devereaux has thrown Salem into a state of suspense. While there are suspects, the true culprit remains unknown, turning the case into a classic “who done it” scenario. Lucas Horton, who suffered a blackout during the time of Abby’s murder, is unable to recall his actions. Chad Dimera, Abby’s husband, suspects Lucas due to his involvement in Sami Brady’s kidnapping.

Leo Stark and Gwen Rizczech are also under suspicion. Both characters seek revenge against Salemites they believe have wronged them. Leo was spotted leaving the Dimera mansion with a bloody knife, while Gwen’s anger towards Abigail led to a destructive encounter with Chad’s wife. Though their motives make them likely suspects, there is a chance they are innocent. Leo, known for his mischief-making, may not be capable of murder.

As Jada arrives in Salem amid this chaotic situation, Rafe and others will need to bring her up to speed on the details of the case. With her fresh perspective and lack of emotional ties to the victim or suspects, Jada could provide a valuable new viewpoint. Stay updated on the latest developments involving Elia Cantu’s character on Days of Our Lives and don’t forget to tune in to Beyond Salem 2 on Peacock. Things are about to get interesting in Salem, so stay tuned!

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