Who Sings in the Prime Commercial?

Video who is the singer in the prime commercial

Jon Batiste, the Grammy award-winning artist, has had an incredible year. At the 64th Grammy Awards, he won five awards, including the prestigious Album of the Year for his album “We Are.” He was the most nominated and most awarded artist of the night.

Batiste is still coming to terms with this milestone. In an interview with Rated R&B, he shared his thoughts, saying, “Processing the work and the recognition at the highest level takes time. It’s a meticulous and soul-bearing process to put your work out into the world. So, receiving such an incredible response is hard to fully grasp, let alone think about what it means for my future creations.”

TIME magazine also recognized Batiste as one of the world’s most influential people in 2022, alongside renowned figures like Mary J. Blige and Oprah Winfrey. Later this year, Batiste will make his debut at Carnegie Hall with the American Symphony.

As Batiste gears up for his highly anticipated performance, he has teamed up with Amazon for its Prime Day campaign, taking place on July 12-13. In this campaign, Batiste reimagined Billy Ocean’s 1988 hit “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” and filmed a captivating music video to accompany it.

In a Rated R&B interview, Batiste delves deeper into the collaboration with Amazon Prime Day, the creation of “Get Into My Cart,” his upcoming projects, and more.

How Did the Collaboration with Amazon Prime Day Come About?

Batiste explains that he has some great friends at Amazon who became collaborators. When the idea landed on his desk, he immediately felt excited about a musical collaboration using Billy Ocean’s song, as he has always been a fan. As he read the concept, he discovered a comedic element that intrigued him. Despite having only one week to put everything together, Batiste, who is accustomed to working under tight deadlines for film and TV, started envisioning his approach. Through a beautiful collaboration, they brought the idea to life.

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What Inspired the Reimagining of Billy Ocean’s Song?

The idea to transform Billy Ocean’s “Get Into My Car” into “Get Into My Cart” was a stroke of brilliance. The accompanying music video cleverly parodies the original, perfectly aligning with their vision. Batiste explains how everything seamlessly came together, creating a fantastic connection to Prime Day.

What Are Three Items You Plan to Get on Prime Day?

When it comes to Prime Day shopping, Batiste usually gravitates towards consistently getting books, CDs, and even vinyl. Although he collects CDs, he also expresses his love for browsing through posters, even though he doesn’t buy many. If he finds something appealing, he’s definitely tempted to add it to his collection.

How Do You Perceive Your Influence, Especially After Being Named One of the World’s Most Influential People?

Batiste sees a significant opportunity to broaden people’s musical horizons and expand their cultural palette. He believes that reconnecting with the rich history of R&B and its evolution is vital. By reintroducing this culture to younger generations, he can bridge the past, present, and future of music, inspiring the next wave of artists. Being able to contribute to culture in such a profound way is truly a beautiful thing.

Are You Working on a Follow-up to “We Are”?

Batiste continuously works on music throughout the year. He often wakes up with melodies in his head and quickly documents them on a recorder or his phone. These melodies serve as the foundation for his next project. Living a creative life, Batiste absorbs the world around him, constantly seeking inspiration to create. An album emerges naturally from this process, and he allows it to reveal itself when the time is right. Authentic art cannot be forced; it must be allowed to flow organically.

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Share Your Creative Work with the World?

The timing of sharing his creative work remains a mystery for Batiste. He compares it to being a doctor who can see the remedy needed to heal culture. There’s a sense of knowing and being called to fill a void in culture that feels necessary. It’s difficult to explain, but when artists release incredible albums that change the direction of music, it’s because they tapped into that collective longing that people couldn’t express. Batiste cites examples like Leon Bridges’ debut album “Coming Home” and BeyoncĂ©’s recent single “Break My Soul.” Sharing music that resonates deeply with people is a powerful and transformative experience.

Any Exciting Projects Coming Up?

Aside from the collaboration for Prime Day, Batiste is thrilled about his involvement in the musical film adaptation of “The Color Purple” alongside Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Quincy Jones. Filming is almost complete, and the film will be released next year. Moreover, later this year, Batiste will collaborate with incredible musicians for his premiere at Carnegie Hall with the American Symphony. This symphony, which has been in the works for three years, is a groundbreaking mix of classical, electronic, marching band, and Native American musicians. Together, they redefine what it means to create and experience a symphony. Batiste eagerly looks forward to this exciting project in the fall.

To watch Jon Batiste’s captivating commercial for Amazon Prime, click here.

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