How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitch

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When you’re starting out or experiencing growth on Twitch, the number of followers you have becomes a significant focus. You’ve put in the effort to build your following, so it can be disheartening when people unfollow you. You might wonder what turned them away from your content – after all, they originally decided to follow you.

While there is no native unfollow tracker on Twitch, there are a few options to help you track your unfollowers. One popular choice was Stream Elixer, but it is no longer available. However, you can still use and Wizebot. is a paid service that provides a simple interface for tracking unfollows. It also offers additional features like identifying accounts that you follow but don’t follow you back. One downside is that the unfollow list lacks timestamps, which could be helpful for understanding exactly when someone unfollowed you.

On the other hand, Wizebot is a free solution that offers both a chat bot and a list of people who no longer follow your channel. While it may have more features than you need, it can be a good option for new streamers. As of 2022, these are the main choices available. Let us know which one you choose and your experience with it in the comments.

What to Do with Your Twitch Unfollow List?

Now that you have a list of users who have unfollowed you, you might be wondering what to do with this information. Here are a few options:

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1. Avoid Engaging with Unfollowed Users

It’s important not to engage with unfollowed users in any way, even if your intention is to understand their reasons. Remember, users have the freedom to follow and unfollow whoever they want, and it is not your place to question their decisions. Engaging with unfollowed users can potentially lead to negative interactions and may harm your reputation.

2. Analyze the Stream They Unfollowed On

If you have obtained your unfollow list from or Wizebot, you can analyze the stream that led to the unfollows. This can be helpful, especially on days when there were more unfollows than usual. Look for the date and time of the unfollow and review the VOD and chat logs. Evaluate whether it was a below-average stream or if there was any unfriendly behavior in the chat. While viewers can unfollow for various reasons or even for no reason at all, reviewing past streams might provide some insights that could help you improve.

3. Do Nothing

Our recommendation is to do nothing with your unfollow list. In fact, we advise against even obtaining a list in the first place, as it can distract you from what truly matters – creating content that aligns with your vision. If you have a significant following and notice a sharp decline in followers, then you might consider using apps or extensions to track unfollows. Otherwise, focus on creating quality content, and you’ll be just fine.

Common Causes of Unfollows

If you’re reading this article because you’ve experienced unfollows and are concerned, here are the most common reasons why people unfollow on Twitch. It’s important to note that many of these reasons are beyond your control and not necessarily a reflection of your stream’s quality.

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1. Decluttering

Users have limited space on their Twitch homepage to see all the streamers they follow. Sometimes, they may feel overwhelmed and decide to declutter their list to prioritize their favorite streamers. Remember, it’s not personal – you might be the one they keep without even knowing it.

2. Not to Their Taste

Following someone on Twitch is free, unlike subscribing. This makes it easy for users to follow streamers to give them a try and unfollow if they realize the content is not what they expected. It doesn’t necessarily mean your content is poor in quality. For example, a user might follow you after seeing a Resident Evil stream but unfollow later when they realize your regular content is focused on Apex Legends. Additionally, discussions on polarizing subjects like politics and religion can also lead to unfollows if viewers disagree with your opinions.

3. Toxicity

Toxic discussions, behavior, or chat is a surefire way to lose followers quickly. Always aim to be entertaining, engaging, and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere during your stream.

4. User Bans or Deletions

When a user is banned by Twitch HQ or decides to delete their account, they will be counted in your unfollow list.

5. Follow-for-Follow Schemes

Engaging in follow-for-follow schemes, similar to those on Instagram or Twitter, rarely proves beneficial for everyone involved. People may initially follow you as part of the scheme but gradually unfollow later, hoping it goes unnoticed. Streamers without unfollow lists may not even realize this is happening.

Why Someone Disappears from Your Twitch Follow List Without You Unfollowing Them

It’s a common question with a straightforward answer. Here are a few reasons why someone might disappear from your Twitch follow list without you unfollowing them:

  • You simply forgot.
  • They block and unblock you.
  • You mistakenly didn’t follow them in the first place, maybe due to a misclick or internet issues.
  • They were temporarily suspended and then reinstated.
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Remember, building an engaged community on Twitch is about creating compelling content and connecting with your audience. Focus on delivering an enjoyable experience, rather than obsessing over unfollows.

The 5 Ws and H are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving. will best answer all your questions

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