The Band Camino: Unveiling the Faces Behind the Music

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The Band Camino
The Band Camino — Jeffery Jordan (left), Garrison Burgess, Spencer Stewart — is touring in support of their self-titled debut album. // Photograph by Jimmy Fontaine, courtesy of The Band Camino

After captivating audiences on the first leg of their headlining tour, pop-rock trio The Band Camino is hitting the road once again for the second leg of The Tour Camino, taking them to the Royal Oak Music Theatre on June 10.

Joining them on their nationwide journey are Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Isenberg, better known as “renforshort,” and pop-punk band Games We Play.

The Band Camino, born out of the University of Memphis campus in 2015 by vocalists and guitarists Jeffery Jordan and Spencer Stewart, later found their musical home in Nashville in 2018. It was there that they encountered drummer Garrison Burgess, who seamlessly joined their ranks.

Renowned as “Rock’s Next Big Thing” by Billboard and hailed as a “breakout act” by, The Band Camino has crafted a distinctive pop-rock sound that incorporates funky synths, catchy guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics. Their 2019 EP, tryhard, showcased their talent, paving the way for their highly anticipated self-titled debut album released in September 2021. This album gained widespread acclaim from notable media outlets such as Alternative Press, People, and American Songwriter.

Before their upcoming show, the band members share insights into their favorite songs, songwriting process, musical instruments, and more.

Creating Music: The Band Camino Style

Hour Detroit: Your self-titled debut album was released in 2021, almost seven years after forming as a band. How does it feel to finally have a full-length album out?

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Garrison Burgess: It feels fantastic.

Jeffery Jordan: It’s been a long time coming. We’ve released a lot of music over the years. The tryhard EP was technically categorized as an album on Spotify because it had eight songs, but only four or five were new. “Daphne [Blue],” “See Through,” and “What I Want” had already been out for a while. The album came out at an interesting time when COVID-19 was hitting, and we were already planning to go away to make it. We had to cancel two tours, which was frustrating, but we made the most of the situation. We stayed in a studio in El Paso, in the desert, for over a month and tried to create something that truly felt like our baby — our debut album.

Spencer Stewart: The process was a beautiful disaster.

Hour Detroit: What is your songwriting process like? Do you focus on lyrics first or on instrumentals?

Spencer Stewart: It depends on the song, who you’re with, and how your week has been. We’ve approached it from every angle imaginable. We’ve started with a melody, a random voice note, or even just a couple of words. Inspiration can strike from anywhere.

Jeffery Jordan: If we do it the same way every time, we tend to lose inspiration. So, we try to keep it fresh. If we started with lyrics yesterday, today we might start with a synth part. We approach it from different angles to keep it exciting.

Hour Detroit: Do each of you focus on a specific element of a song when writing?

Jeffery Jordan: It’s a pretty equal collaboration. Sometimes, one of us takes the lead with the lyrics or a specific part. Garrison takes charge of drums and several other instruments since he plays the most. If it makes noise, he can make it sound good. It’s a true collaboration on all fronts, and it’s a lot of fun.

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Garrison Burgess: We all wear many hats.

Hour Detroit: Garrison, as a multi-instrumentalist, can you share the most obscure instrument you know how to play?

Garrison Burgess: It’s not that obscure, but the most obscure instrument I can play is probably the ukulele. I’d love to play the accordion or saxophone, but I haven’t had the chance to practice them. Maybe we should get a saxophone for the band?

Jeffery Jordan: Did you play any wind instruments in high school or middle school? I played the French horn for a few years.

Garrison Burgess: I briefly played the trumpet, but I dropped it quickly.

Spencer Stewart: I was into the cello, so maybe we should do a whole concerto.

Garrison Burgess: That would be amazing, having a full orchestra in our band.

Hour Detroit: Is there a specific song from your new album that each of you feels personally attached to?

Garrison Burgess: “Who Do You Think You Are.” It has something special. Being in a band is incredible because even if you write some of the lyrics, it doesn’t mean they will be your favorite. Both Jeffery and Spencer are incredible lyricists who bring ideas I could never put into words. That’s one of my favorites on the record, and its message resonates with me.

Jeffery Jordan: At the moment, I would say “Roses.” It has a really fun energy, so I would choose “Roses” or “Look Up.”

Spencer Stewart: I was going to say “Look Up” too. It was a really enjoyable song to write. “I Think I Like You” is another one I’ve always loved. Oddly enough, it might be the oldest one on the record, but it brings a different energy. I like to write songs that challenge people’s expectations, and that one came out of left field.

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Hour Detroit: You’ve collaborated with singer Chelsea Cutler on “Crying Over You” and the Swedish music duo NOTD on “Never a Good Time.” Are there any other artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Jeffery Jordan: We often mention [singer-songwriter and producer] Jon Bellion and Post Malone when asked this question. Jon Bellion, in particular, is someone we’re all huge fans of. He’s been behind many massive songs lately. Even if we couldn’t collaborate on a feature, just writing with him would be really cool. He’s a master of melodies.

Hour Detroit: You recently began the second leg of The Tour Camino. Was this second leg always planned, or was it added due to the success of the first leg?

Jeffery Jordan: It was a bit of both. When we put the first leg of the tour on sale, we had just released our album a couple of months prior. We hadn’t toured in two and a half years due to COVID-19. We hoped to do another leg, but we wanted to see how the first leg sold. However, every single show on the first leg sold out. We could see that we were heading in the right direction, so we added the second leg. These shows are in B-markets, cities where we haven’t performed much before.

Hour Detroit: Is this your first time headlining in the Detroit area?

Jeffery Jordan: I think the last time we were in Detroit was in 2018, with The Dangerous Summer. I don’t believe we’ve ever headlined in Detroit.

Hour Detroit: Do you research local food or tourist sites in each city before you visit?

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Jeffery Jordan: We do a little bit. We try to find some local food spots and maybe a cool place to hang out after the show, if we have time and are up for it. Our tour manager, Brad, is from Detroit, so he’s excited for us to be there and show us around.

Garrison Burgess: Everyone in the touring party has great suggestions now, so there’s never a dull moment on the road. We’re always looking for good food and fun things to do if we have the time.

Jeffery Jordan: We have a massive group text with sixteen people in our touring party. With the whole team, there’s always plenty of research happening.

Hour Detroit: Are there any spots in Detroit that you’ve discovered or that were recommended by Brad?

Spencer Stewart: Last time we were there, we visited the StockX headquarters, which was really cool. They have a big half-court basketball court in their offices, which is awesome.

Hour Detroit: While you’re here, I would recommend taking a ride on the People Mover. It’s an above-ground transit system that takes you around downtown Detroit.

Spencer Stewart: The People Mover! We’ll definitely check it out!

Don’t miss the chance to experience The Band Camino live at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on June 10. Get your tickets starting at $29.50 at

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