Where to Place Cat Food and Water Bowls

It’s a question asked by many cat owners: Where is the best place to put my cats’ food and water bowls? While some may think that keeping all the cat stuff together is the logical choice, and others prefer placing the bowls in the kitchen, the truth is that the most common locations may not be ideal for your cats!

Placing the bowls in a poor location can lead to cats eating and drinking less than they should, unsanitary conditions, and stress. That’s why it’s essential to learn about the best locations for cat bowls. In this article, we will provide you with valuable insights from the cat experts at Americat Company.

Choose a Calm, Quiet Location

Loud and busy locations can cause stress for cats, making them eat too quickly or avoiding meals altogether. To ensure your cats can eat in peace, it’s best to pick a calm and quiet space. Spare bathrooms, spare bedrooms, or hallways can be great options.

While many people opt for the kitchen due to its proximity to the pantry, sink, and trash, it may not be the best location if your kitchen is bustling with activity. The commotion could make your cats nervous about eating, or they might accidentally get their tails stepped on. So, choose a location away from the hustle and bustle.

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Keep Cat Bowls Away from the Litter Box

Just like humans, cats prefer not to eat in the bathroom. It’s important to keep food and water bowls a considerable distance away from the litter box. This is to avoid cross-contamination that may occur when cats cover up after themselves. Litter particles can end up in the food or water bowl, making the cats sick.

In the wild, cats go to the bathroom away from their nest to prevent predators from detecting their presence. Therefore, having food and litter close to each other at home may confuse cats, affecting their eating habits and causing them to urinate inappropriately.

Choose the Right Bowl

Now that you have the ideal location, it’s crucial to choose the best bowl for your cats. Cat bowls are among the most important products that you will select for your furry friends as they use them multiple times a day. Ensure that the bowls are safe and suitable for your cats’ needs.

Separate Food and Water Bowls

Although dual food and water bowl stands are popular, it’s best to keep the food and water bowls in two different locations. Cats don’t prefer having their food and water right next to each other. This behavior may have originated from their hunting instincts in the wild, where they would search for food away from their water source.

Cats also don’t like the scent of food while drinking water and are turned off by food particles in their water. Therefore, it’s important to keep the food and water bowls separate. If you’re using a bowl stand, opt for a single bowl stand that allows you to separate the food and water.

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Separate Food Bowls for Each Cat

Veterinarians and cat behaviorists recommend giving each cat its own food bowl. In the wild, cats eat and hunt alone, and they are naturally protective of their food. Forcing cats to share bowls at home may result in eating too quickly, guarding the bowls, or conflicts. Feeding cats from separate bowls also allows you to provide different portion sizes and diets, accommodating any dietary changes that may arise.

Consider Your Dog

If you have a dog at home, it’s essential to place the cat bowls at a higher elevation, such as on a counter, or in a location where only the cat can access, like a cat condo. This ensures that your dog doesn’t eat the cat’s food and helps create a relaxed environment for your feline friends. If cats eat near dogs, they may become too scared to eat or eat too quickly.

Pick a Permanent Place

Cats are creatures of habit, just like their human parents. Once you have chosen a location, it’s important to keep their bowls there consistently. Frequent changes in bowl placement can confuse your cats and disrupt their regular eating and drinking schedules.

Set Up a Second Location to Transition

If you have learned that your cats’ bowls should be in different places, it’s recommended to experiment by placing bowls in the suggested areas. However, don’t remove your cats’ current bowls right away, as this may confuse them. Instead, keep the bowls in their current locations and set up bowls in the new recommended spots. Show your cats the new locations and let them adjust. Once your cats are comfortably using the bowls in the new locations, you can remove the bowls from the original spots.

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Experiences of a Cat Parent

A few years ago, I used to keep all our cat stuff in one place, which was a spare bathroom. The litter box was in one corner, and the food and water bowls were in another corner. Penny and Bella shared one food bowl and one water bowl.

However, after learning more about cat behavior, I realized the importance of providing each cat with its own bowl and placing them in suitable locations. I now keep Bella’s food bowl in the breakfast room and Penny’s food bowl in the hallway near my office. Additionally, I have water bowls on each floor of the house – in the kitchen, family room, and upstairs bedroom.

Since making these changes, both Penny and Bella enjoy the peace of having their own territories. Not only is this more sanitary, but it also prevents them from competing for food. I’ve noticed that they eat more comfortably and drink more water since we’ve made the switch.

These are the favorite food and water bowls of my cats. They have been extremely beneficial for their well-being. If you want to give your cats the same experience, you can save 10% off these bowls using the coupon code: LOCATION.

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Remember, providing the right location for your cats’ food and water bowls is essential for their overall well-being. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your feline friends eat and drink comfortably, leading to a happy and healthy life.

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