Where to Find the Crow Key in Resident Evil 7

Video where is the crow key in resident evil 7

To acquire the crow key in Resident Evil 7, we must obtain a crank and perfect our stealth skills.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #8 – Locating the Crow Key

If you’ve been following our guide, you should have already combined the burner grip and nozzle to create a makeshift flamethrower known as the burner. With this weapon in hand, you will be standing on a small walkway over water, just outside the outhouse where you found the burner nozzle.

Upon returning to the house, you’ll discover that you can now eliminate the bulbous hives filled with bugs. To do so, direct the flames from your flamethrower towards them. Keep in mind that these hives will “explode” three times before they are completely destroyed. Start by targeting the hive directly in front of you as you exit the outhouse. If you run out of burner fuel, remember that you can craft more using solid fuel and chempacks from the crafting menu.

Make a left turn and return to the main house. At this point, you have the ability to burn the spiders off the cabinet directly in front of you. Take advantage of this opportunity and eliminate them. Inside the cabinet, you’ll find a chem pack and a strong chem pack, making the flames well worth it.

Proceed through the door to the right of the cabinet and burn the bug nest that obstructs your path. This nest is situated in front of a passageway. Crouch down and make your way through. Inside this narrow hallway, you will find an antique coin and a Mr. Everywhere figurine on your left.

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Upon entering the next room, you will trigger a brief cutscene. Additionally, you can pick up the wooden item required to complete the shadow quest shown in Mia’s tape. Grab the item, watch the cutscene, and then retrace your steps. Proceed through the door on your right.


Obtaining the Crank to Access the Crow Key

As luck would have it, Mama Baker is in your way. To avoid confrontation, take a different route. Along the way, burn any nests you come across. Although running past them may seem tempting, clearing them out now will make your life much easier. Moreover, burning the nests will enable you to collect useful items, such as chem packs, in the vicinity. Now it’s time to employ some sneaking tactics, just like in the Mia tape, in order to elude Maugerite. Your primary goal is to reach the shadow room and solve the puzzle. By now, you should already be familiar with the path. If Maugerite spots you, she will give chase and send deadly bugs your way. Avoid her at all costs by remaining calm and taking your time. You’ll find that it’s quite manageable.

Essentially, you are retracing your steps and heading back to the starting point of the house. Along the way, you will encounter another nest in a particular room. Destroying it will reveal another cabinet covered in spiders, as well as a box containing an herb. Inside the cabinet, you’ll find two valuable tins of burner fuel.

Continue on, discreetly passing by Maugerite as necessary, until you reach the puzzle room. Here, there’s not much advice to offer besides observing her patterns. If you happen to get caught, the safest option is to make a dash for the save room. Regardless of the outcome, I recommend saving your progress before returning to the shadow puzzle.

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The puzzle is relatively simple, especially if you’ve watched the tapes. Solve it and proceed through the door. On the other side, you’ll encounter:

  • A crow door that cannot be opened
  • A drawer to the right of the crow door containing a chem pack
  • An herb immediately to your right upon entering
  • Some solid fuel nearby
  • The crawlspace where Mia ended up at the end of her tape. Crawl through it, search around, and you’ll discover a Chem Pack. At the end of the crawlspace, you’ll find the crucial CRANK key item necessary for your progress.

After exiting the crawlspace, you’ll notice a location right in front of you where you can use the crank. Doing so will create a bridge shortcut back to the house’s entrance. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Remember that third jetty we couldn’t reach, near where we obtained the second part for the burner? With the crank, we now have access to that area and the keys we need. To avoid Maugerite, you’ll need to backtrack, which can be more challenging this time around.

Head towards the pier and utilize the crank to raise the bridge. Once inside the room on the other side, you’ll find a shiny chest containing the CROW KEY. Collect it, and you’ll also come across some burner fuel as a bonus. Additionally, atop the toilet in this room, you’ll discover another antique coin.

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Now armed with the Crow Key, we can continue on our journey. But before we do so, why not consider obtaining a grenade launcher? This key will grant you access to additional rooms within the main house. In our next installment, we’ll delve into this brief detour.

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