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Overview of the Screw Attack

The Screw Attack is a valuable upgrade in Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch. It empowers Samus with a surge of energy during a space jump, enabling her to damage enemies and break through certain obstacles. This versatile upgrade falls under the Misc. category.

Unlocking the Screw Attack Upgrade

Discovering the Location of the Screw Attack

To find the Screw Attack, head to the western area of Artaria. Consult the full map image for precise directions.

Steps to Obtain the Screw Attack Upgrade

  1. Utilize the Blue Teleportal in Cataris: Locate the Blue Teleportal in Cataris, positioned at the far-right. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a room above the item sphere area.
  2. Remove the Grapple Beam Block: Employ the Grapple Beam to demolish the Grapple Beam Block, granting you an exit from the room.
  3. Open the Left Plasma Beam Door: Wield the Plasma Beam to open the Plasma Beam Door on the left side and continue your journey.
  4. Descend and Destroy the Item Sphere: Transform into the Morph Ball to navigate a narrow passage and drop down. Obliterate the item sphere to acquire the Screw Attack ability.
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Obtaining the Screw Attack Early

Method 1

To secure the Screw Attack early, you must first obtain the Gravity Suit. Follow these steps:

  1. Defeat Experiment No. Z-57 to de-frost Artaria. After acquiring the Gravity Suit, proceed to Cataris and defeat Experiment No. Z-57.
  2. Utilize the Blue Teleporter to return to Artaria. By employing the Blue Teleporter, you can significantly reduce the time needed to reach the Screw Attack upgrade location.
  3. Claim your upgrade. Upon exiting the Blue Teleporter, make your way to the room housing the Screw Attack upgrade.

Method 2

This method involves a sequence break that allows you to obtain the Screw Attack early. You will need the Space Jump, Morph Ball Bomb, and Grapple Beam upgrades. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the designated room in Artaria. Depending on your chosen path, use the Grapple Beam to open the Grapple Beam Door in the second cold room at the bottom left corner of Artaria. The Gravity Suit is not necessary here, as you can safely traverse the cold room with sufficient HP.
  2. Execute a Water Bomb Jump to grasp the ledge. This move may appear simple, but it requires practice to perform consistently.
    • Before attempting the jump, practice a regular bomb jump and unmorph while mid-air to land upright. This technique allows for higher jumps underwater. Remorphing after landing resets the Bomb Jump height.
    • Hug the wall, then jump while maintaining contact with the wall. While in mid-air, drop a Morph Ball Bomb and immediately unmorph upon landing. Immediately jump again and remorph, allowing the bomb blast to propel you upward and enabling you to grab the ledge.
    • If you touch the ground in Morph Ball form at any point, you must repeat the initial preparation.
  3. Space Jump on top of the water and reach the ledge. This technique requires precise execution. Follow these steps:
    • From the ledge, utilize the Space Jump to traverse the water’s surface as you move toward the target ledge.
    • When you near the ledge, slightly submerge yourself beneath the corner’s edge. Space Jump to the left and then to the right in quick succession, repeating the process to gain height with each iteration. Continue until you can emerge from the water and grab the ledge.
  4. Execute another Water Bomb Jump to reach the platform upon entering the Screw Attack Upgrade room.
    • Transform into a Morph Ball and activate a bomb while on the ground. As you launch upward, unmorph and land on your feet.
    • Jump, morph into a Morph Ball, and unleash another bomb. Before landing, unmorph and touch the ground on your feet. Failure to do so requires repeating step 1 of this process.
    • After landing on your feet, immediately jump and transform into a Morph Ball. If you have correctly followed the previous steps, you will achieve the necessary jump height to grab the ledge and obtain the Screw Attack upgrade.
  5. Exiting the area. From the door located in the upper-left corner, you can charge up a Shinespark before the platform flips, allowing you to escape the water. In case you fall off the platform prior to charging a Shinespark, you will arrive in the room depicted above. Rest assured, you are not stuck if you possess the Space Jump and Bombs. Execute a Water Bomb Jump to exit the water and subsequently use the Space Jump to escape.
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Utilizing the Screw Attack

Employ the Spin Boost for a Double Jump

By pressing the B button twice, you can activate the Spin Boost, enabling Samus to perform a double jump.

Destroy Screw Attack Blocks

Screw Attack Blocks can only be shattered by utilizing the Screw Attack itself. These blocks are identifiable by their lightning symbol and are often positioned mid-air, allowing Samus to leap into them.

Inflict Damage upon Enemies

While utilizing the Screw Attack, Samus can harm enemies by leaping into them while in a charged state. It proves especially effective against foes coated in electrical energy.

Continue Your Adventure after Acquiring the Screw Attack

Upon acquiring the Screw Attack, return to Ghavoran and ascend to the top of the tall vertical room to engage in a boss fight against Golzuna. Upon vanquishing this formidable foe, you will be rewarded with the Cross Bomb upgrade.

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