Where to Cut a Hole in the Truck Bed for Fuel Pump Access

Video where to cut hole in truck bed for fuel pump

If your car frequently requires fuel pump replacement and does not have a fuel pump access cut-out on the truck bed, you may need to create a cut hole in the bed to replace the faulty fuel pump. While newer pickup models often come with a hatch panel for easy access to the fuel pump, older models may not have this feature.

Sometimes, simply wiggling the fuel pump wiring harness, which is located on top of the fuel tank and connected to the fuel pump, can help restart it if loose connections are the issue. However, accessing the area to wiggle the harness requires a means of entry.

The fuel pump is typically situated 10 to 12 inches from the front of the truck bed, right behind the cabin. To create a fuel pump cut-out, you would usually start about 5 inches from the front of the truck bed and extend it approximately 12 inches in length. The width of the cut hole will vary depending on the placement of the fuel hoses and harness connectors.

It’s important to note that the specific dimensions and position for cutting the hole can vary based on the vehicle’s make and year of manufacture. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the actual location of the fuel pump before proceeding with the cutting process.

If you’ve exhausted all other options and need to inspect and replace the fuel pump, cutting a hole in the truck bed is a viable solution. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about where to cut the hole.

Where to Cut Hole in Truck Bed for Fuel Pump Access?

If you suspect that your truck’s starting issue is related to the fuel pump, you should thoroughly inspect the pump and wiring harness before proceeding. The problem could stem from either a lack of power reaching the pump or a failure to prime.

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To access the fuel pump, you have a few options, depending on factors such as the age of the vehicle, road conditions, environmental factors, and the complexity of the work involved. Here are some possible approaches:

  1. Remove the fasteners securing the fuel tank and drop the entire assembly from the truck. This option is suitable if the mounting hardware is in good condition and easily removable.
  2. Remove the mounting hardware for the truck bed and slide or take off the bed to access the fuel pump, which is usually mounted on top of the fuel tank. This option requires assistance from a group of people and functional mounting hardware.
  3. Make a cut hole in the truck bed to access the fuel pump from the top.

When to Cut a Hole in the Truck Bed for Fuel Pump Access?

Cutting a hole in the truck bed for fuel pump access may be the best choice under specific circumstances, such as:

  1. If your car’s fuel pump frequently malfunctions, requiring you to spend significant time and money on fuel tank removal each time.
  2. If you live in an area where brine solution is extensively used in winter, removing the fuel tank mounting bolts or unscrewing the truck bed mounting fasteners can be challenging due to severe rusting.
  3. If you have attempted to remove the bolts but they are jammed, broken, or simply spin in place on the frame.
  4. If the dealership’s maintenance cost for dropping the fuel tank or removing the truck bed is not justified for a relatively simple job like replacing the fuel pump, which is inexpensive.
  5. If the truck bed is already in poor condition, with multiple holes and due for replacement, creating an additional access hole will not significantly impact its aesthetics.
  6. In certain cases, draining the fuel from the tank through the fuel filler neck is difficult due to the routing design, and there is no drain outlet on the tank itself. Dropping the fuel tank becomes a cumbersome process, especially when dealing with rusted hardware.
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Steps to Cut a Hole in the Truck Bed for Fuel Pump Access

The fuel pump is typically located between the vehicle’s wheelbase, directly behind the cabin, around 10 to 12 inches from the front of the truck bed. Before cutting a hole in the bed, consider the following points:

  1. Inspect the truck bed from underneath to locate the fuel pump, which sits on top of the fuel tank. Measure the dimensions of the fuel pump by referencing the truck bed in both the sideways and lengthwise directions.
  2. Determine the fuel pump’s diameter and visualize the harness, electrical connectors, nuts and bolts, and fuel pipe orientation from the center of the fuel pump. The fuel pump’s location and the required cut-hole dimensions on the truck bed may vary depending on the vehicle’s make and manufacturing year.
  3. Typically, the fuel pump cut-out should start about 5 inches from the front end of the truck bed and end around 17 inches from the front. This allows for a 12-inch cut on the bed.
  4. The width of the cut hole depends on the ease of disassembly. You may need to factor in extra cutting dimensions and space to facilitate access to the fuel pump-associated parts, such as harness connectors and fuel lines. While the connectors and access points may be visible, limited space can make it difficult to reach them with the necessary tools and wrenches for removal.
  5. When cutting the truck bed, be mindful not to cut the hatch panel too deeply, as this could damage the wiring harness, fuel hoses, and other components located directly underneath.
  6. Make sure to avoid cutting the structural frame that supports the bed. Cutting the cross frame would cause the bed surface to sag under load. Once you have created the access hole, it should be closed with a matching access panel.
  7. Truck bed panels often have stamping ribs to strengthen them for heavy loads. If you have a spare unused truck bed, you can find access panels that match the existing ribs at a nearby junkyard.
  8. The access panel can be hinged or screwed with self-tapping screws to the truck bed for easy removal if necessary. To prevent bending and damage, reinforce the panel by securing it to the truck bed from below.
  9. Avoid welding the access panel after fuel pump replacement, as this would require redoing all the work the next time you need to inspect the pump, thus defeating the purpose of the access panel.
  10. Welding near the fuel pump hoses and fuel tank fumes can create sparks that pose a fire hazard, so it’s best to refrain from welding in close proximity.
  11. Properly seal the access panel to the truck bed to prevent dirt and water from entering. You can use a rectangular section silicon rubber seal or epoxy to achieve a leak-proof joint.
  12. The cut edges of the truck bed and access panel are not protected by a galvanized coating and may be susceptible to corrosion. Spray an anti-rust coating on these edges to prevent rust formation.
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Final Thoughts

If you are confident that the fuel pump is the problem and have exhausted other options, cutting a hole in the truck bed for fuel pump access can be a last resort. However, keep in mind the complexity of the cutting and sealing process, as well as the need to match the access panel to the truck bed profile. Whenever possible, attempt to remove the fuel tank assembly or take off the truck bed as a cleaner alternative.

Happy motoring!


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