Where to Find Rowlet in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Video where to find rowlet in pokémon sword and shield

Rowlet – Type and Abilities

Rowlet – Type

  • Rowlet is a Grass Quill Pokémon.

    Rowlet Weaknesses and Resistances

  • Rowlet takes 4x damage from certain types, 2x damage from others, and 0.5x damage from another set of types.

    Rowlet Pokédex Entries

  • Rowlet has various Pokédex entries.

    Rowlet Abilities

  • Rowlet has an ability called Overgrow, which powers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.

    Rowlet Hidden Ability

  • Rowlet has a hidden ability called Long Reach, which allows it to use its moves without making contact with the target.

    Rowlet Egg Group

  • Rowlet belongs to the Flying egg group.

Base Stats of Rowlet

  • Rowlet has a set of base stats that determine its overall strength.

Evolution Chart of Rowlet

  • Rowlet evolves into Dartrix at level 17 and then into Decidueye at level 34.

How to Get Rowlet

Available Through Pokemon HOME

  • Rowlet is not originally obtainable in Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, you can transfer it from Pokémon’s new cloud service, Pokémon HOME, to the game.

    Available from the Diglett Master

  • If you chose Grookey as your starter Pokémon, you can receive a Rowlet as a prize from the Diglett Master in the Isle of Armor after collecting 100 Alolan Diglett.

    Available through the Max Raid Event

  • Rowlet was available for a limited time in Pokémon Sword and Shield through a Max Raid Event.
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Moves Learned by Rowlet

Learnset by Leveling Up

  • Rowlet learns various moves as it levels up.

    Learnset by TM

  • Rowlet can learn different moves using Technical Machine (TM).

    Learnset by TR

  • Rowlet can learn specific moves using Technical Record (TR).

    Learnset through a Move Tutor

  • Rowlet can also learn moves from a Move Tutor.

    Learnset via Egg Moves

  • Rowlet can learn certain moves through special breeding techniques.

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  • You can explore the Galar region Pokédex, the Isle of Armor Pokédex, and the Crown Tundra Pokédex.
  • Pokémon HOME brings new additions to the Pokémon roster.
  • There are other Generation 7 Pokémon besides Rowlet.
  • You can find Pokémon categorized by generation, type, stats, and more.
  • There are guides for various Pokémon-related topics such as evolution, Gigantamax forms, and egg moves.
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