The Bridge Connecting North and South Deuel

A Hiking Trail for Every Adventurer

The Deuel Creek Trail, also known as the Centerville Canyon Trail, offers a fantastic hiking experience that caters to both families and experienced hikers. With two trail options available, covering approximately 4 miles round trip each, there’s something for everyone. Feel free to turn back whenever you feel satisfied with your journey.

Deuel Creek South: A Family-Friendly Stroll

Deuel Creek South provides an easier and more family-friendly option. This trail runs alongside Deuel Creek for most of the way and features an impressive 12 bridge crossings. The south trail is mostly flat and shaded, making it the perfect choice for a summer hike. It truly shines during the fall, offering breathtaking views of the changing mountain colors. Note that the initial part of the trail may have some steeper cliffs, so keep a close eye on younger children.

Deuel Creek North: A Challenge Worth Pursuing

Deuel Creek North is slightly more challenging and eventually merges with the South trail after about a mile. The first section of the North trail is quite steep and can be demanding, depending on your hiking skills. Unlike the South trail, the North trail follows the side of the mountain, exposing you to more sunlight and less shade. On hot, sunny days, this portion of the trail may not be the most enjoyable. However, when the weather is cooler with a gentle breeze and some cloud cover, the North trail offers a rewarding and beautiful hiking experience. It continues for approximately 1.4 miles before converging with the South trail.

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Where the Trails Converge

Both trailheads meet at around 1 mile in, leading to a magnificent waterfall 2.1 miles further. Along Deuel Creek, you will find several camping sites and even a thrilling rope swing (use it at your own risk!). If the full two-mile journey to the waterfall seems too far for you and your family, the rope swing at 1.2 miles is a great turnaround point. On your way back, you can either retrace your steps or take the other trail. Please note that the north and south trailheads have separate parking lots, so if you take a different trail back, you will need to return to your car accordingly.

Are you prepared to embark on this unforgettable adventure?

Before venturing into the wilderness, it’s always a good idea to refresh your outdoor skills. We have compiled some helpful resources below to help you review responsible hiking practices, wildlife safety, and general preparedness. As you browse through our options, you can also find directions, read reviews, and connect with us on social media. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos! We love seeing how you #playindavis! 5 WS

Satisfy Your Cravings

We all know that a good trail snack is essential, but nothing beats a delicious meal or treat after a hike. Whether you’ve completed just one mile or ten, you’ll want to fuel up before your hike or recharge afterward with these nearby food options.

Local recommendations near the Deuel Creek Trail:

  • Looking for a sweet treat? Indulge yourself at Twisted Sugar, a delightful cookie and soda shop. Their cookies are mouthwatering, with two specialty cookies of the month always available. If you’re new to Utah or visiting, don’t miss out on the classic Twisted Sugar cookie. And don’t forget to try their refreshing soda options, which will boost your energy levels. Utah takes its soda shops seriously, and Twisted Sugar doesn’t disappoint.

  • Craving a full meal? Head to Hug-Hes Cafe for a tasty lunch or dinner. They offer a delicious menu that caters to all your cravings after a strenuous hike. Plus, they serve a delightful pre-meal bread that you can enjoy without any guilt. Carbs are well-deserved after an active day!

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Discover More in Davis

Whether you’re here for a day, a weekend, or temporarily stationed at HAFB, you’ll find monthly events to plan ahead and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance your experience in Utah’s Amusement Capital.

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