Where to Find “A Sign of Affection” Manga

A Sign of Affection, the popular romance manga by Suu Morishita, is set to receive an anime adaptation in January 2024. Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting its premiere, as the manga has captivated readers with its heartwarming story and beautiful artwork. If you’re one of those fans, here’s everything you need to know about where to read “A Sign of Affection” and what to expect from the upcoming anime.

The Story of a Multilingual Boy and a Deaf Girl

“A Sign of Affection” tells the story of a sweet and friendly girl who meets a multilingual boy on a train journey. Despite his ability to speak multiple languages, the girl is unable to hear him, leading to communication barriers between them. The manga skillfully portrays their journey of love and growth, presenting readers with a comforting and engaging storyline.

Where to Read and Plot

You can enjoy “A Sign of Affection” on various online platforms, including Kodansha Comics, the official publisher of the manga. Additionally, it is available on Comixology and Amazon Kindle. As an ongoing manga, new chapters are released periodically, keeping fans hooked to the story.

Anime Adaptation

The recently released trailer for the anime adaptation has already created quite a buzz in the anime community. Set to be part of the winter anime lineup of 2024, “A Sign of Affection” is slated for a January release. The trailer beautifully captures the essence of the manga, featuring the two main characters meeting on a train.

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The anime will star Sumire Morohoshi as Yuki Itose and Yuu Miyazaki as Itsuomi Nagi. Directed by Yuta Murano, the series boasts a talented team of staff members, including Mai Yoneyama as the series composer, Kasumi Sakai as the character designer, and Yukari Hashimoto as the music composer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of romance manga, “A Sign of Affection” is a must-read. Its authentic and mature portrayal of love will resonate with readers looking for an appealing and heartwarming story. As the anime adaptation approaches, fans have high expectations for stunning visuals and a captivating soundtrack that will bring the story to life.

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