Charli D’amelio: Where Does She Shop for Clothes?

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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s Fashion Empire Expands

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are rapidly growing their empire. They have recently launched their own fashion brand, Social Tourist, and are opening their first physical boutique in Los Angeles. The sisters, who have gained popularity on TikTok, collaborated with Hollister to create an affordable clothing line for their brand.

The Social Tourist Boutique

Situated on Melrose Avenue, the Social Tourist pop-up store offers the latest collection from the D’Amelio sisters. The June collection showcases vintage-inspired silhouettes with vibrant floral prints and terry fabrics. The range includes “dad shirts” and shorts sets, swimwear with O-ring detailing, high-rise baggy jeans, faux leather corset tops, fringed vests, and a variety of camis and halter styles.

Charli emphasizes the importance of the color palette in their collections. The vibrant and cohesive colors create a fun and summer-ready vibe. The upcoming June line will feature body-con dresses, checkered tops and miniskirts, oversized logo sweaters, cropped polo shirts, and color-blocked jogger pants.

Charli’s First Fragrance

In addition to their fashion venture, Charli has also released her own fragrance called Born Dreamer. This fruity and floral scent features notes of anjou pear, orange zest, jasmine, pink sugar, cashmere woods, and cedarwood. The fragrance is vegan and will be available at Ulta starting June 26.

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Dixie’s Debut Album

Meanwhile, Dixie has pursued her musical career and recently released her debut album, “A Letter to Me,” on June 10.

Store Experience and Social Media-Friendly Design

The Social Tourist boutique aims to provide a functional and trendy shopping experience. The fitting rooms have design touches that are perfect for social media, such as lights that change with the outfit and a mirror sticker that appears backwards in photos. The store is expected to be open until early 2023.

Upcoming Plans and Summer Vacations

While Dixie has a busy summer ahead with her tour, Charli does not have any vacations planned. They express excitement about wearing Social Tourist pieces during their respective endeavors.

Sharing Secrets and Keeping Surprises

Charli shares that keeping secrets can be challenging but necessary. She recalls a memorable encounter with a barista who was intrigued by her perfume but couldn’t reveal the details. Charli’s perfume has become an essential part of her routine, and she appreciates the positive feedback from her friends.

Dixie’s Album and Charli’s Listening Party

Charli expresses her enthusiasm for Dixie’s album and recalls a listening party where she could only hear snippets of each song. Despite the teasing, Charli loves the album and admires Dixie’s dedication and hard work.

Skincare Tips for Summer

As summer begins, Dixie shares that her go-to skincare hack is applying face oil, which provides a refreshing feeling. Charli, on the other hand, has been focusing on rebuilding her skin barrier and maintaining a consistent skincare routine.

Possible Beauty Brand in the Future?

While Charli remains open to the possibility of launching a beauty brand, it is not currently in the works. Dixie jokingly suggests creating makeup remover wipes, and Charli playfully suggests a lazy girl makeup line.

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Social Tourist Store on Melrose Avenue

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