How Many Times Have The Rams Won A Super Bowl?

As a fan of American football, one of the most popular questions that people ask is “how many times have the Rams won a Super Bowl?” The Los Angeles Rams, formerly known as the St. Louis Rams and before that, the Cleveland Rams, have a rich history in the National Football League (NFL) that spans over eight decades. In this article, we will delve into the Rams’ history and explore their Super Bowl record.

A Brief History of the Rams

The Rams were established in 1936 and were initially based in Cleveland, Ohio. They won their first NFL Championship in 1945, beating the Washington Redskins 15-14. In 1946, the team moved to Los Angeles, where they played until 1994. During this time, they won two more NFL Championships in 1951 and 1961.

In 1972, the team moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where they played until 2015. The Rams won their first and only Super Bowl in 1999, beating the Tennessee Titans 23-16 in Super Bowl XXXIV. The team returned to Los Angeles in 2016, where they currently play their home games.

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The Rams’ Super Bowl Record

The Rams have appeared in four Super Bowls throughout their history, winning one and losing three. Here is a breakdown of their Super Bowl record:

Super Bowl XIV

The Rams appeared in their first Super Bowl in 1980, where they faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV. Despite a valiant effort, the Rams lost to the Steelers 31-19.

Super Bowl XXXIV

The Rams’ lone Super Bowl victory came in 1999, where they faced the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. In a close game, the Rams won 23-16, thanks in part to a game-winning touchdown catch by wide receiver Isaac Bruce.

Super Bowl XXXVI

The Rams returned to the Super Bowl in 2002, where they faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Patriots won the game on a last-second field goal, defeating the Rams 20-17.

Super Bowl LIII

The Rams’ most recent Super Bowl appearance came in 2019, where they faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. Despite having one of the best defenses in the league, the Rams were held to just three points in the game, losing to the Patriots 13-3.


So, how many times have the Rams won a Super Bowl? The answer is one. The Rams have appeared in four Super Bowls, winning one and losing three. Despite their lack of success in recent years, the Rams remain a popular and well-respected franchise in the NFL. Whether you are a die-hard Rams fan or just a casual observer of the sport, the team’s history and Super Bowl record are sure to fascinate and entertain.

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