Who Won The Head Of Household on Big Brother?

CBS’s hit reality TV show, Big Brother, has reached Season 25, and the competition is getting fiercer than ever. Week 7 has introduced an unexpected twist, as two houseguests will face eviction, leading to a smaller jury this season. The burning questions on every fan’s mind are: Who will win the Head of Household competition? Who will be nominated for eviction? And who will win the game-changing Power of Veto? Here are all the juicy Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 spoilers!

A New HOH Emerges

The latest Week 7 spoilers reveal that Jared Fields has emerged as the new Head of Household. Jared’s return to power hasn’t been well received by the other houseguests. In the previous week, most of them voted in favor of Jared and Cirie Fields to evict Felicia Cannon, solidifying their alliance with Izzy Gleicher. However, Cory Wurtenberger worked tirelessly to dismantle Cirie’s reign over the house, leading to Izzy’s eviction. With Jared in control, Cirie is unlikely to be put on the block, ensuring her safety for another week.

Secrets and Showmances

Another key player in the game is Blue Kim, who is also likely to be safe under Jared’s rule. Blue and Jared have been romantically involved since the beginning of the season, and their trust runs deep. However, Blue’s allegiances seem to be wavering, as she considers aligning more closely with Jag Bains. Whether she will stay loyal to Jared or use his vulnerability against him remains to be seen.

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Tensions Rise

Cameron Hardin, who won the Head of Household competition in Week 6, finds himself in a precarious position. Despite considering Jared as an ally, the events of the previous week may have changed Jared’s perception. It’s possible that Jared will target Cameron for eviction, igniting even more tension within the house.

The Nominees Are Revealed

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the nominees for Week 7 are America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger, as reported by the latest Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 spoilers. Both America and Cory worked hard to flip the vote in the previous week, putting a target on their backs now that Jared is in control. Their perceived showmance also makes them an easy choice for nomination.

The Power of Veto Twist

The most crucial element in Week 7’s gameplay is the Power of Veto. Spoilers have revealed that Jag Bains has won the Power of Veto competition. It’s highly likely that Jag will use this power to remove America Lopez from the block, giving Jared the opportunity to renominate Cameron Hardin. However, Cirie Fields has also requested Jared to nominate her and persuade the house to send her home, adding another layer of suspense to the game.

Stay Tuned for the Drama

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