Who Is Esme’s Mother On General Hospital

Video who is esme's mother on general hospital

General Hospital - Felicia Scorpio

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) has returned to town, filled with fury towards her father, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). She is disappointed that he didn’t make an effort to save her when she needed him the most. However, the tables are turning, and Esme now has the opportunity to take the lead. She might use this newfound power to uncover the identity of her mother.

General Hospital Spoilers – Where Was Ryan Chamberlain When His Baby Girl Fell To Her Presumed Death?

Esme must have expected her father to reach out after she fell off the parapet at Wyndemere during a wrestling match with Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West). Despite being locked away, Ryan has connections that she believed he could utilize. However, it seems he didn’t show any concern for her well-being. This lack of care makes Esme question Ryan’s love for her and drives her to demand that he prove himself.

GH Spoilers — No Second Chances

Esme might pretend to be on good terms with Ryan, but she could be playing him. Ryan is not oblivious to this possibility. It remains to be seen whether he genuinely cares about losing Esme or if he simply can’t afford to lose his pawn in the game. Either way, he will likely beg Esme not to abandon him, and she will insist on having her needs met. All she has ever wanted is to uncover the identity of her mother, and Ryan will finally disclose the truth.

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General Hospital Spoilers — Meet Your Mommy

Ryan has been adamant that he doesn’t know Esme’s birth mother’s name, but that is about to change. Perhaps Ryan kept this information hidden because he wanted to reveal it himself and didn’t want Esme to ruin his plans. It’s possible that Ryan, still delusional, believes he has a chance with Ava and worries that her discovery of his child with someone else might push her away. For whatever reason, Ryan will have no choice but to confess that Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) is Esme’s mother.

GH Spoilers – Says Kevin Collins Could Be Implicated

Years ago, Ryan (using the name Todd Wilson) kidnapped Felicia after she witnessed him murdering his wife, Gloria Wilson. When Felicia regained consciousness, she had amnesia and was far away from home. She had no recollection of Ryan or his new identity. Ryan became obsessed with Felicia, but eventually, her memories returned, and she escaped.

It’s possible that Ryan raped Felicia and she gave birth to a baby girl whom she later put up for adoption. Alternatively, Felicia may have already been pregnant by Mac when she was kidnapped and gave birth later, mistakenly believing the child was Ryan’s. This theory aligns with Mac and Felicia discussing their inability to have children together. Felicia would have needed assistance in facilitating the adoption and ensuring the child never learned the truth, which is why she likely turned to Ryan’s trustworthy twin, Dr. Kevin Collins, for help.

If Kevin and Felicia have been harboring this secret for years, what will happen when Mac discovers the truth? Is it possible that Esme is not even Ryan’s child? Share your thoughts with us! Continue watching GH on weekdays as this storyline unfolds. In the meantime, visit us regularly for more GH spoilers.

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