Who Owns the House Where Bosch Resides

Both ‘Bosch’ and ‘Bosch: Legacy’ pay homage to the classic era of Hollywood noir. These shows are adaptations of the ‘Harry Bosch’ book series by renowned American author Michael Connelly. While the first series centers around the titular character, played by Titus Welliver, as an LAPD detective in the Hollywood homicide division, the spin-off explores his days as a private investigator. Throughout both shows, Harry’s small yet stunning house takes center stage. Perched on a hilltop, it offers a captivating view of the vast Los Angeles basin. If you’ve ever wondered if Bosch’s house is real and where it is located, we have all the answers.

Is Bosch’s House a Real Place?

Absolutely! Harry Bosch’s house is indeed real. This striking residential property made its debut in the pilot episode of the original show and has since become an integral part of the narrative. It serves as the backdrop for countless scenes in both series. However, despite its breathtaking view, the house precariously balances on several steel pylons, making it susceptible to earthquakes. Given that the show is set in California, where seismic activity is a genuine concern, the pilot episode of ‘Bosch: Legacy’ addresses this issue when an earthquake damages Bosch’s home.

Bosch's House

In real life, this 1,513-square-foot house was reportedly built in 1958. It boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Although the street view may not be as awe-inspiring, it’s still sunny Los Angeles, and the property is surrounded by natural and man-made beauty, making it picturesque. Although currently off the market, the house is rumored to be valued at around $2.5 million.

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Where Can You Find Bosch’s House?

In Connelly’s books, Bosch’s residence is situated somewhere along Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Hollywood Hills region of California. In the 2010 novel ‘The Reversal,’ Harry’s home is described as being next to 7203 Woodrow Wilson, while in the 2018 novel ‘Dark Sacred Night,’ it is referred to as 8620 Woodrow Wilson. This may be due to the fact that Harry’s original home reportedly suffered damage during the 1994 Northridge earthquake. After its demolition, he built a new house in the same neighborhood, offering the same breathtaking view of the basin.

In the 1992 book ‘The Black Echo,’ Connelly paints the following picture of Harry’s home: “Bosch’s home was fourth from the end on the right side. It was a wood-frame, one-bedroom cantilever, not much bigger than a Beverly Hills garage. It hung out over the edge of the hill and was supported by three steel pylons at its mid-point. During earthquakes, it was a nerve-racking place to be, daring Mother Nature to test those beams and send the house sled-like down the hill. However, the view compensated for the risks. Looking out over the valley always made Bosch feel a sense of power he couldn’t explain to himself. It was the primary reason he purchased the property and never wanted to part with it.”

In a 2016 video shared on Michael Connelly’s YouTube channel, the author pointed out where Bosch’s house was supposed to be. In the shows, Harry can afford such a high-end residence thanks to the payment he received for a film adaptation of a case he worked on. In reality, the house is located at 1870 Blue Heights Drive in Los Angeles. At least the interior scenes featuring Bosch’s home in the first season of the original series were filmed at this actual location.

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