Who Will Be Joining The Weeknd in Chicago?

The Weeknd’s Upcoming Opening Acts

The Weeknd’s highly anticipated global stadium tour is just around the corner, starting off in his hometown of Toronto next Friday. In an exclusive interview with Variety, The Weeknd’s team revealed the lineup of opening acts for the tour, and it’s an impressive mix of talented artists. R&B/soul singer Snoh Aalegra, Canadian electronic artist Kaytranada, and top DJ/producer Mike Dean, who will be performing an improvisational synth set, will be joining The Weeknd on this epic journey.

A Tradition of Showcasing New Talent

One interesting aspect of The Weeknd’s tour lineup is his commitment to featuring up-and-coming artists as his opening acts. Despite the magnitude of this stadium show that will span North America and the rest of the world, The Weeknd remains dedicated to giving rising talent a chance to shine. Omar Al-joulani, Live Nation’s president of touring, explains that The Weeknd has always been ahead of the curve in terms of the artists he collaborates with. The list includes the likes of Travis Scott, Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Schoolboy Q, Lil Uzi Vert, Bryson Tiller, and Banks. It’s worth noting that The Weeknd himself has rarely been an opening act, having opened for Florence and the Machine at the Hollywood Bowl and Justin Timberlake in New York early on in his career.

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From Arena Tour to Stadium Spectacle

Originally planned as an arena tour in support of The Weeknd’s album “After Hours,” the tour faced multiple delays and ultimately underwent a major transformation. The unprecedented success of his single “Blinding Lights” and his headline performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show propelled The Weeknd to global stardom. With this newfound status, the decision was made to upgrade the tour to stadium-sized shows. The tour, now named “After Hours til Dawn,” will showcase not only tracks from “After Hours” but also his most recent album, “Dawn FM.” The change in venue allowed The Weeknd and his creative team to completely reimagine the show, creating a spectacle fit for the world’s biggest stadiums.

A Theatrical Experience

The Weeknd’s concerts have always been known for their theatricality, and the upcoming tour promises to take it to the next level. The show, titled “After Hours til Dawn,” is a conceptual experience that tells a linear story connecting “After Hours” and “Dawn FM.” La Mar Taylor, The Weeknd’s longtime creative director, explains that the audience will walk away with their own interpretations of the show’s narrative. With the switch to stadiums, The Weeknd now has a bigger stage to bring his thematically connected albums to life.

A Tour That Lives Up to The Weeknd’s Stardom

The Weeknd’s upcoming tour is set to be a massive success. With over 700,000 tickets already sold and a gross revenue of $100 million in North America alone, The Weeknd has cemented his place among the stadium-level artists. This is just the beginning of what promises to be an extraordinary chapter in his career.

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Join The Weeknd in Chicago

The tour will kick off in Toronto, but it makes perfect sense that The Weeknd’s journey starts in Chicago. It holds a special significance as the city where The Weeknd made his live debut at the Mod Club on July 24, 2011, almost 11 years ago. To commemorate this milestone, The Weeknd will be performing at Rogers Centre, the city’s biggest venue next week. It’s a homecoming for The Weeknd and a testament to his remarkable rise to global stardom.

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