Where Was Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filmed

Many Spanish series have achieved immense popularity among Netflix audiences. Wrong Side Of The Tracks is another addition to the remarkable Spanish series that have proven to be a successful investment for Netflix. This series has aired for two seasons and has been renewed for two more.

The breathtaking locations captured in the series are truly magnificent. The entire series was filmed in just one city, which presented numerous challenges for the crew due to the shooting taking place during the pandemic year. Despite the restrictions, the crew managed to shoot this series in stunning locations. Let’s delve into the filming locations of Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
A still from Wrong Side of the Tracks (Credits-Netflix)

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Plot In Brief

The series draws inspiration from a popular Spanish comedy series titled La que se avecina. Directed by David Bermejo, Wrong Side of the Tracks tells the story of Tirso Abantos, the proud owner of a hardware store. After serving in the army for a long time, Tirso now lives a simple and lonely life in retirement.

Everything changes when his granddaughter Irene comes to stay with him. Irene, who is bold and adventurous, ends up getting entangled with drug dealers. Tirso has no choice but to join forces with corrupt officials to handle the drug dealers.

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Irene is rebellious and bold (Credits-Netflix)

The show portrays the contrast in the neighborhood, with one part being peaceful and the other plagued by criminals and drug dealers. The series is filled with high-action scenes, all of which were filmed in this gorgeous city.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming Locations

The series strongly incorporates Spanish culture and traditions, beautifully infusing life in Spain into the storyline. Visitors to Spain may easily recognize the filming locations.

The entire series was filmed in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Madrid boasts splendid architecture and buildings, with a captivating contrast between ancient and modern designs. It has always been a popular spot among tourists and production companies.

The crew explored various spots in Europe, but none were suitable. Filming the series was challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused months-long interruptions. The first season was filmed during the peak of the Corona Wave. Despite the difficulties, the makers did an impressive job of capturing the popular sights of the bustling city of Madrid.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming Locations In Madrid

The series is based in a fictional neighborhood called Entrevías, and most of it was filmed in two neighborhoods of Madrid: Plaza de San Andres and Villaverde Alto. These two streets heavily feature in the series.

Madrid, Spain's capital (Credits-Tripadvisor)
Madrid, Spain’s capital (Credits-Tripadvisor)

Additionally, a few scenes were filmed at the Church of San Adras, an ancient church known for its classic architecture. However, not all the scenes were shot in real places. Some special setups were used to enhance the visuals. The makers utilized the services of a popular studio to film key scenes.

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Neighborhoods of Madrid (Credits-Tripadvisor)

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Filming in Mediaset Espana Studio

The hardware shop, which plays a significant role in the storyline, was prepared at Mediaset Espana Studio. The opening sequences revolve around this place, and the sophomore season was exclusively filmed in this studio.

The studio comprises several smaller studios that have been used for filming scenes for a long time. Established in 1989, the studios provide various facilities to the production crew.

Filming in Madrid Landmarks

Madrid is a city blessed with stunning landmarks and natural beauty. It is situated on the banks of the River Manzanares, centrally located in the Iberian Peninsula. The city is home to several monumental landmarks that have played a vital role in Spain’s history, including the Museum of Madrid and the Reina Sofía National Art Museum.

The production team of Wrong Side of the Tracks was impressed by Madrid’s architecture and diversity. Madrid has had the opportunity to be part of the filming process of several other movies, such as Warrior Nun and Money Heist.

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