Where to Stream the Ryan Garcia Fight for Free

Video where to watch the ryan garcia fight for free

It’s time to catch the live stream of the Davis vs Garcia fight, and the odds (see below) are getting tighter. And that’s only natural when two of boxing’s brightest up-and-coming stars clash in the ring.

Tense Face-off at the Weigh-in

Just before the fight, the tension between these two nearly reached its boiling point at the weigh-in outside the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena, where the bout will take place. Both Davis (28-0-0) and Garcia (23-0-0) enter the fight with a perfect record, making it a highly charged match for both fighters.

Knockout Artists in Action

Both Davis and Garcia have a tendency to win their fights by knockout, though Davis boasts a higher knockout percentage at 93%, compared to Garcia’s 83%. Davis, 28 years old, outweighs his 24-year-old opponent by four-and-a-half pounds, while Garcia maintains a slight advantage in height and reach.

Known as a knockout artist, Davis is the favorite to win the match. He boldly claims that he only needs one punch to shatter Garcia’s jaw and send him into a deep slumber. Nevertheless, Garcia possesses impressive offensive skills as well as notable speed.

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Sub-Main Event: Morrell vs Falcão

In the sub-main event, you can look forward to witnessing the WBA “regular” super middleweight title defense as David Morrell takes on Yamaguchi Falcão.

Now, let’s delve into the details of how you can access the Davis vs Garcia live stream:

Davis vs Garcia Free Live Streams in Mexico

As per usual, Azteca 7 is expected to provide a free live stream for all viewers in Mexico. So, congratulations to those who reside in Mexico or happen to be vacationing there. Not only do you get to enjoy the country’s mesmerizing beauty, but you can also save money while watching this thrilling fight.

How to Watch Davis vs Garcia Live Streams from Anywhere

If you’re unable to access DAZN’s network, don’t worry! You can still watch the Davis vs Garcia fight live. Thanks to the wonders of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can make your devices appear as though they are located in another country. This is especially useful for international fans who are currently on holiday. Our top recommendation for a VPN service is ExpressVPN.

Davis vs Garcia Live Streams in the US

For American viewers, there are several ways to watch the Davis vs Garcia fight. One popular option is subscribing to DAZN, a streaming service that costs $24.99 per month and offers a plethora of exciting events. Davis vs Garcia can be accessed for an extra $60 on top of the subscription fee.

DAZN is compatible with various streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple tvOS, Chromecast, and many popular smart TVs. Alternatively, Sling TV, a leading streaming service and cable TV alternative, is also likely to provide coverage of the event. In the past, they have offered boxing PPVs for $84.99, the same price as a month of DAZN and the iPPV service it offers.

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Davis vs Garcia Live Streams in the UK

In the UK, DAZN will not charge extra for the pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is a sensible decision considering the timing. DAZN offers different pricing options: as low as £9.99 per month for an annual commitment package or £19.99 per month with a flexible monthly pass.

As previously mentioned, the main card is set to begin at 1 a.m. BST on April 23rd, and the main event will likely start at 4 a.m. BST. Brace yourselves for a late night if you want to catch the thrilling climax of the fight.

Davis vs Garcia Live Streams in Canada and Australia

To our friends in Canada and Australia, you won’t be left out. DAZN has you covered as well. Similar to the situation in the US, DAZN charges both a subscription fee and an additional fee for the iPPV.

Davis vs Garcia Fight Card

Here are the matches included in the Davis vs Garcia fight card:

  • Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia at Catchweight (136lbs)
  • David Morrell (c) vs. Yamaguchi Falcao at Super middleweight
  • Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Gabriel Rosado at Super middleweight
  • Elijah Garcia vs. Kevin Salgado Zambrano at Middleweight
  • Fiodor Czerkaszyn vs. Elias Espadas at Middleweight
  • Vito Meilnicki Jr vs. Jose Sanchez Charles at Light middleweight
  • Floyd Schofield vs. Jesus Valentin Leon at Lightweight
  • Lorenzo Simpson vs. Pachino Hill at Middleweight
  • Tristan Kalkreuth vs. Jaime Solorio at Light heavyweight
  • Jalil Major Hackett vs. Jason Phillips at Light middleweight
  • Cuttino Oliver vs. Roberto Cantu Pena at Bantamweight

Davis vs Garcia Odds

As of today (Saturday, April 22), DraftKings Sportsbook’s odds favor Davis (-230, down from -265 in the morning) over Garcia (+180), the underdog. For those unfamiliar with odds, betting $230 on Davis would yield $100 if he wins, while a $100 bet on Garcia would earn you $180 in the event of his victory.

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The fight is somewhat expected to go the distance, with a -115 over and under for 8.5 (previously 7.5) rounds.

That concludes everything you need to know to watch the thrilling Davis vs Garcia fight. Enjoy the live stream of this epic showdown, and may the best fighter emerge victorious!

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