Where to Aim Your Arrow When Hunting Hogs

Video where to shoot a hog with an arrow

A gun or rifle is usually the go-to weapon for hunting animals, but have you ever considered using a bow to hunt hogs? If hog hunting piques your interest, it’s important to know the exact spot where you should aim your arrow for the deadliest results.

Hunting animals is not as simple as taking a shot and hoping for the best. To increase your chances of success, it’s crucial to gather information about your prey. When it comes to hog hunting, understanding the proper shot placement is a skill that every bow hunter should master. Additionally, knowing the best time and location to go hog hunting can make or break the success of your hunts.

Where to Shoot a Hog With a Bow: Optimal Shot Placement

One of the most common questions among hunters is: where is the best place to shoot hogs? Let’s take a look at the image below to understand the hog’s anatomy.

Anatomy of a Hog

By examining this picture, you can identify the locations of all the vital organs of a wild hog. The ideal spot for a clean kill is just behind the hog’s front leg. This is where the heart is located, making a heart shot the most effective way to hunt hogs. If the hog’s front leg is positioned forward, you can aim directly for its armpit, which is approximately 3 inches away from the heart. A shot slightly higher than behind the leg will penetrate the hog’s lungs, still resulting in an effective kill.

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Now that you know where to aim your arrow, hog hunting might seem easier. However, it’s important to remember that feral hogs are constantly on the move. Patience is key, as you’ll need to wait for the right opportunity to make an accurate shot. For a better visualization, you can also watch this video: 5 WS.

Selecting the Right Archery Gear for Hog Hunting

It’s crucial to equip yourself with the appropriate archery gear for hunting hogs. A broadhead with two or three blades is recommended, as it’s ideal for taking down bigger game like hogs. For pigs weighing less than 125 pounds, a three-blade broadhead will puncture a better hole and cause massive damage to their vital organs. However, a two-blade broadhead is still a great choice and performs well when hunting smaller hogs.

Tip of arrow

Approaching a Hog: Tips for a Successful Hunt

When it comes to approaching hogs, most hunters shoot from a distance of no more than 20 yards. This distance provides a good aim while keeping a safe distance from the animal. Camouflage is crucial for blending in with the environment. Keep in mind that a hog’s nose is its most sensitive organ, so it’s advisable to spray yourself with deodorant to eliminate any odors that could alert the hog. While a hog’s eyes are less sensitive than its nose, it’s still important to make slow and careful movements when approaching.

The Best Time and Locations to Hunt Hogs

The prime hours for hunting hogs are early morning and late evening. These are the times when hogs are most active and searching for food. From my experience, hunting in the early morning yields better results, as hogs are easier to spot and the atmosphere feels more relaxed and safe.

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To locate a hog, pay attention to any footprints on the ground. Hogs in dense forests are known to sleep underneath big trees, while they tend to frequent riverbanks, bottomlands, and hardwoods in search of food and water. Mud puddles are also a common spot where hogs wallow. Alternatively, you can lure hogs using corn as bait.

Following the Blood Trail and Preserving the Meat

In some cases, your shot may not kill the hog immediately, causing it to run away and bleed out. In this situation, you must follow the blood trail until the hog slows down and eventually dies. After catching up with the hog, it’s important to preserve the meat as quickly as possible.

Once the skin has been removed, you can proceed to cut off the meat and preserve it. There are multiple methods to achieve this: covering the meat with apple cider vinegar, orange juice, or large amounts of sea salt. Refrigerate the meat to keep it cool and maintain its quality. After two days, you can drain the meat and add additional seasoning if desired.

The Importance of Accuracy

Proper aim is not only an ethical concern but also essential for the quality of the meat. It’s a hunter’s responsibility to ensure that the target is put down quickly and painlessly to minimize suffering. Additionally, a clean kill prevents the release of adrenaline, which can negatively affect the taste and shelf life of the meat.


Now that you have all the necessary information on hog hunting and shot placement with a bow, you’ll find the task much easier. Remember to practice patience, select the right gear, and aim accurately for a successful and ethical hunting experience. Happy hunting!

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Image credits: Shooting Mystery

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