Where to Find Authentic Christmas Trees in Melbourne

If you’re looking to bring the festive spirit to your Melbourne home, why not consider getting a real Christmas tree? There are plenty of reasons to give it a try, whether you live in a compact unit or a spacious house. With a live Christmas tree in Melbourne, you can start a new family tradition by purchasing a small potted tree that will grow with your family over the years. Once it outgrows your home, you can simply replant it and start anew.

Alternatively, you can opt for a cut tree each year. This way, you can choose the perfect size for your desired spot. Plus, the following year, you can experiment with different tree sizes in various locations. The pleasant fragrance of a real tree in your home is an added bonus. Most companies even offer to pick up and dispose of your real Xmas tree in Melbourne after the new year.

Having a real tree does require a bit of planning and maintenance. Here are some tips to maximize your enjoyment of a real Christmas tree:

Choosing the Perfect Spot

Carefully select a spot for your tree, considering factors like sunlight exposure. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause the tree to lose its freshness quickly. Also, anticipate the dropping of needles and make sure you have easy access around the tree for cleaning up any mess.

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Adequate Watering

Cut Christmas trees have a high water consumption rate. When you bring your tree home, trim a bit off the bottom to allow it to absorb water more effectively. Keep the water level topped up daily, especially in warm weather.

Sturdy Stand

Make sure you have a sturdy stand to place your tree in. Many suppliers have stands available for purchase, ensuring your tree stands securely and in an upright position.

Looking to decorate your Christmas tree? We’ve got you covered! Check out our recommendations for the best ornaments, baubles, and tree toppers, along with unique Australian Christmas decorations.

We recommend ordering your Melbourne Christmas tree as early as possible, as they tend to sell out quickly. You can make a day of it and visit a farm to select and bring home your tree or even have it delivered. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of reputable suppliers offering a variety of real Christmas trees in Melbourne.

Christmas Baubles

Real Christmas Tree Elves

The Real Christmas Tree Elves are passionate about Christmas and provide a premium range of locally sourced Christmas trees. They offer daily delivery across Melbourne and even allow pick-ups from their Williamstown site. Some great offers for lucky customers include:

  • Trees ranging from 5-7ft, starting at $100
  • Free delivery, any day of the week within Melbourne
  • A commitment to plant two trees for every tree sold (a sustainable choice)
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your tree
  • Hassle-free collection service for disposal

Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: 87 Kororoit Creek Road, Williamstown, 3016

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Click here to learn more about the Real Christmas Tree Elves.

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm

At the Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm, they grow and maintain their fresh Xmas trees sustainably throughout the year. You’ll find thousands of trees to choose from, making it a wonderful experience for both young and old. Their Radiata pine trees emit a delightful fragrance that signals the arrival of Christmas. If visiting the farm is not feasible, you can conveniently order online and have your Christmas tree delivered or arrange for pickup with the same care and expertise.

Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: 336 Brown Road, Officer

For further information on purchasing real Christmas trees Melbourne from the Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm, click here.

Christmas Tree Farm

A family-run business located on the Mornington Peninsula, the Christmas Tree Farm offers beautiful and affordable fresh Christmas trees in Melbourne. They also provide a range of fantastic tree stands to ensure your tree stands upright at home. The Cinco tree stands are easy to assemble and contain ample fresh water to keep your tree looking vibrant. Additionally, they offer a recycling service for tree disposal. Simply return your tree to the farm after Christmas by placing it over the front fence if the gate is closed.

Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: 1680 Stumpy Gully Road, Moorooduc

Learn more about purchasing your live Christmas tree Melbourne from the Christmas Tree Farm by clicking here.

Somerville Christmas Tree Farm

Maintained all year round, the Somerville Christmas Tree Farm ensures they have magnificent trees for their customers come December. If you’re unable to visit the farm or transport the tree, they offer a convenient Christmas tree delivery service. Simply provide them with your preferred tree size, and they will handpick a special tree and deliver it to your doorstep. Don’t forget to mention if you need a tree stand when placing your order.

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Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: Two locations in Somerville

Discover more details about purchasing a real Christmas tree in Melbourne from the Somerville Christmas Tree Farm here.

J Horrigan Firewood

Operating since 1932, J Horrigan Firewood is a family-owned and operated business. Their freshly trimmed Christmas trees are delivered daily to their yard in December. Visit their shed to personally select your ideal real Christmas tree for sale in Melbourne, or take advantage of their home delivery and New Year pick-up services.

Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: 33a Glenferrie Road, Malvern

For more information on the Christmas tree sale Melbourne at J Horrigan Firewood, click here.

Christmas Trees 2 U

Image source: Christmas Trees 2 U

Please note: Availability for 2023 delivery is yet to be confirmed. Christmas Trees 2 U specializes in cutting and delivering Christmas trees directly to your door. Transportation is on them, and you only pay for the tree! They offer free delivery to all Melbourne suburbs within a 15km radius of the CBD, with a delivery fee applying to suburbs beyond that range. Their experienced Melbourne farmers have worked diligently throughout the year to produce fresh, perfectly shaped Christmas trees with that nostalgic pine scent.

Address: To Be Confirmed

Discover how you can order your affordable Christmas tree in Melbourne from Christmas Trees 2 U here.

Real Christmas Trees Melbourne

Real Christmas Trees Melbourne offers premium trees grown just outside of Melbourne. Each tree is meticulously hand-selected by the lead farmer to ensure the finest quality. All trees are cut on the day of delivery, ensuring you receive a fresh Christmas tree as if you had personally visited the farm. They also provide potted real Christmas trees in Melbourne.

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Stay tuned to find out when pre-orders for 2023 will open.

Address: Online

Purchase your real Christmas tree in Melbourne from Real Christmas Trees Melbourne by visiting here.

If you’re in need of a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we can assist with that, too!

Choosing your real Christmas tree in Melbourne is a joyous task to tick off your Christmas list. Consider supporting your local Scouts by purchasing Scouts Christmas trees in Melbourne. Enjoy creating new traditions with your family that will be cherished for years to come. Happy tree hunting!

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