Where Can I Find Local Half Cow for Sale?

Local Sources for Half Cow in Georgia

If you’re looking to buy high-quality beef straight from the source, there are several local farms in Georgia where you can purchase a half cow. Here are some options available to you:

Region 1

Dyer Livestock – Located in Rising Fawn, Georgia, Dyer Livestock offers boxed beef options in 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions. You can contact them at 423-605-2431 or [email protected]. Connect with them on Facebook at Dyer Livestock.

Lyons Bridge Farm – Micah Studdard operates Lyons Bridge Farm in Cave Spring, Georgia. They offer retail cuts of beef as well as 1/2 and whole beef options. For more information, reach out to Micah at 706-766-2361 or [email protected].

Devil Dawg Farms – Nick Lemley from Devil Dawg Farms in Ringgold, Georgia, provides locally raised, grain, and grass-fed beef. They offer beef by the package, wholes, and halves. Contact them at 423-667-5330 or [email protected]. Visit their website at www.devildawgfarms.com.

JAB Cattle – Located in Calhoun, Georgia, JAB Cattle is run by Josephe and Amber Bailey. They offer grass-fed, grain-finished beef, bred and raised on the farm. You can choose between whole, half, or box options. Reach out to them at 706-502-3930 or [email protected]. Connect with them on Facebook at JAB Cattle, LLC.

Region 2

Deer Foot Farms – Joseph McGinnis operates Deer Foot Farms in Blairsville, Georgia. They offer all beefalo products, including no fat added ground beef, and 1/2 and whole beef options.

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Deer Foot Farms

Red Oak Beef – Andrew Sullens is the owner of Red Oak Beef in Dahlonega, Georgia. They provide grass-raised, grain-finished angus beef, and offer 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef options for custom processing.

Red Oak Beef

Region 3

Brush Creek Farm – David Whitehead runs Brush Creek Farm in Colbert, Georgia. They offer grass-fed, grain-finished beef that is dry-aged for three weeks. Individual cuts are available.

Covenant Cattle Co. – Randy and Leslie Fordham own Covenant Cattle Co. in Royson, Georgia. They specialize in specialty cuts of beef and offer 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef options.

Region 4

Cole Family Farms – Tony and Debbie Cole’s Cole Family Farms in Carrollton, Georgia, provide individual retail cuts of beef that are vacuum-sealed. All the beef is born and raised on their farm.

Cole Family Farms

Key Farms Meats & Mercantile – David Key operates Key Farms Meats & Mercantile in Carrollton, Georgia. They offer farm-raised, grass-fed, grain-finished beef with multiple cuts to choose from. Delivery options are available.

Region 5

Faithway Cattle – Stan and Vanessa Nabors run Faithway Cattle in Bishop, Georgia. They offer retail cuts, boxed beef options, and custom beef options.

Family Roots Farm – Scott Craig operates Family Roots Farm in McDonough, Georgia. They provide naturally raised steroid and antibiotic-free beef in retail cuts, 1/4, 1/2, or whole portions.

These are just a few of the farms in Georgia where you can find high-quality beef. To explore more options, visit 5 WS for a comprehensive list of local farms. Remember to support your local farmers and enjoy the amazing taste of farm-to-table beef!

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