Where to Find Safe Combinations in The Last of Us

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With the release of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC and PS5, players across all platforms now have access to a comprehensive list of safe combinations. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or a newcomer to the world of Joel and Ellie, finding these safe combinations will grant you access to valuable loot scattered throughout the game.

Uncovering Valuable Loot

As Joel and Ellie traverse the Cordyceps-infested landscapes of the United States, they stumble upon hidden safes, lockboxes, and vaults. These hideaways hold a plethora of essential supplies and equipment, aiding their journey and survival.

In earlier versions of The Last of Us Part 1, players needed to find notes containing the safe combinations before gaining access to them. However, in the remake versions (PC and PS5), players can manually input each code, allowing for a smoother gaming experience and a deeper focus on Joel and Ellie’s gripping tale.

The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Combination Locations

To assist you in your adventure, here is a comprehensive list of safe combinations and their corresponding locations in The Last of Us Part 1:

Chapter 3 – The Outskirts of Downtown – Note to Derek – 3, 43, 78

As Joel and Ellie explore the abandoned subway filled with infected, you’ll come across a dilapidated shop in the bottom left corner of the area. Behind the counter, inside a drawer, lies the “Note to Derek” collectible, revealing the safe combination: 3 – 43 – 78. You can find the safe by venturing over to the nearby bookstore.

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Chapter 4 – Bill’s Town – Note to Bob – 5, 17, 21

After Joel helps Ellie scale a high fence, leading to the main street of Bill’s Town, continue walking straight until you reach the far end of the street. Look for a lawn chair atop a razor-wire fence. On the lower ring of the razor wire, you’ll discover the “Note to Bob” collectible, which contains the safe combination: 5 – 17 – 21. Return to the safe, input the code, and claim your rewards.

Chapter 5 – Pittsburgh Hotel Lobby – Note to Staff – 22, 10, 56

Within the flooded hotel, behind the reception desk on your right, you’ll find a locked back office with a safe. Retrieve the ladder and position it on the balcony to access the second floor. On the balcony, make a right and climb the broken staircase. Look for an open suitcase on the landing, where you’ll uncover the “Note to Staff” collectible. The safe combination can be found within the note: 22 – 10 – 56. Return to the safe, enter the code, and enjoy your newfound supplies.

Chapter 6 – Suburbs – Matchbook – 8, 21, 36

On the street with the ice cream truck, situated at the end to the left, stands a white house adorned with a red cross painting on its front. Enter the house and make your way to the top floor. In the attic room, you’ll find a matchbook holding the final safe combination in The Last of Us Part 1. Descend one floor down, and in either the bedroom on your right (PS3 version) or the opposite bedroom on the landing (PS5 and PS4 versions), you’ll discover the safe. Input the code: 8 – 21 – 36.

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With your backpack full of loot, rest assured that you haven’t missed any safes throughout the rest of the game! Happy gaming!

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