Where to Find the Istone in Family Island on Treasure Island

Video where is the istone in family island on treasure island

This article was last updated on March 1st, 2023.

Are you new to the Family Island game and looking for ways to excel? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about Family Island cheats, tips, and guides to help you navigate the game like a pro. So, if you need assistance, simply comment below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Family Island Cheats: Level Rewards

Currently, the maximum level in Family Island is 65. At each level, new items are unlocked. Here is a list of items unlocked at certain levels:

  • Level 1: Clover, Tuft of Grass, Stick, Roots, Stone, and Log.
  • Level 2: Fried Roots, Salt, String.
  • Level 3: Shell, Scraper.
  • Level 4: Goat Feed, Wattle, Hide.
  • Level 5: Stakes.
  • Level 6: Gold Pickaxe, Gold Key, Gold Shovel, Gold Saw.
  • Level 7: Corn, Feathers, Eggs, Bird Feed, Scrambled Eggs, Nearby Island.
  • Level 8: Fir Cones, Boards, Emerald, Stone I, Treasure Island.
  • Level 9: Amber, Clay, Claw.
  • Level 10: Clay Bowl, Candle.
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And so on…

Use the Storehouse to Know the Item Source

With so many items in the game, it can be hard to remember where to find them. Luckily, the storehouse can help you out. Tap on the storage box located on the bottom-right side of the screen (near the market option). This will open the storehouse where you can check all the unlocked items, including basic, food, and rare items.

Tap on an item to find out its source. For example, if you tap on salt, the game will show you where you can obtain it. You may find salt from starfish, stones, merchants, or in gift packs. To further explore the source, tap on the blue magnifying glass icon, and the game will take you there.

Get Free Energy in Family Island

Running low on energy? No worries! Here’s a neat trick to get free energy in the Family Island game. Simply cook a recipe at the campfire by dragging it to the production slot. Once it’s cooked, claim the dish from the campfire and serve it at the dining table. By tapping the plate, fork, or spoon icon, you’ll summon the family members to the table for dinner. Not only will they be grateful, but you’ll also receive a boost of energy!

Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast in Family Island

To level up quickly in Family Island, you need stars. Stars can be obtained by completing quests or clearing objects like bushes, grass, trees, and stones. We recommend focusing on quests as they not only give you a substantial amount of stars but also help you learn the game faster. Plus, reaching higher levels unlocks new islands for you to explore.

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Trade with the Merchant for Key and Free Energy

Once you reach level 7, the Merchant function will be unlocked. Tap on the merchant’s ship at the dock to check the orders. By completing orders, you can earn special rewards such as animal feed, free energy, keys, and other valuable items. Keep an eye out for gold keys, as they can be found in the rare resource cheat list below.

Expand the Territory and Progress in Family Island

In order to expand your territory and progress in the game, it is essential to continuously clear the fog by removing objects such as trees, bushes, rocks, and more. Leveling up will unlock new islands that you can travel to using travel points. Complete tasks on these islands to earn rewards and advance further in the game.

Claim Free Energy from the Totem

During the tutorial, you will build a totem on your island. This totem periodically gives you free energy. Don’t forget to claim it whenever it’s available to keep your energy levels up!

How to Move Buildings or Facilities in Family Island Game

To move a building or facility in Family Island, simply hold your finger on it for a few seconds. When you see a green arrow appear, you can drag and place the building wherever you desire.

How to Remove Fog or What to Do If It Says “Can’t Reach Resource” or “Out of Reach”

To explore beyond the restricted area covered by fog, you need to clear objects such as trees, bushes, rocks, and more. By removing these obstacles, the fog will disappear, revealing new areas. If you encounter a message saying “Can’t Reach Resource” or “Out of Reach,” it could be because you are at a low level. Keep leveling up and clearing objects to gain access to new resources.

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How to Get Rubies in Family Island Game

Rubies are the valuable and premium in-game currency used for energy recovery and purchasing items from the market. You can obtain rubies from gift packs scattered across all the islands. As you clear the fog and discover new locations, you will come across many gift packs. Open them to have a chance of receiving free rubies. Additionally, rubies can sometimes be acquired through events.

How to Get a Key to Open Chests

To open chests found by the sea, you’ll need a key. Keys can be obtained from the merchant’s medium gift, which can be claimed by completing orders. Once you’ve acquired a key, use it to unlock the chests and reveal valuable rewards such as resources and in-game currency.

These are just a few of the many helpful tips, tricks, and cheats for the Family Island game. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to comment below. And don’t forget to check out our guide for beginners and cheat lists by visiting the 5 WS website. Happy gaming!

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