Where to Find the Hall of Ancient Heroes in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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The Hall of Ancient Heroes, introduced in the Council of Heroes update, has quickly become a fascinating addition to Cookie Run: Kingdom. Not only does it solve a significant problem faced by free-to-play players, but it also adds a new resource to collect – Radiant Shards. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of what problems the Hall of Ancient Heroes solves, how to unlock it, and how to obtain Radiant Shards.

Hall of Ancient Heroes: An Essential Monument

The Hall of Ancient Heroes holds immense significance within the game’s storyline. It serves as a monument to the Ancient Cookies who bravely fought against the Dark Enchantress Cookie. This pivotal moment is part of the introductory story that players experience when first loading up Cookie Run: Kingdom. The monument’s description reads:

“This is why there are ‘Hero’ Cookies and ‘Disciple’ Cookies.”

By default, the player’s five most leveled-up Cookies are chosen to become Hero Cookies, with the character with the lowest level among them becoming the Paragon Cookie.

Choosing Hero Cookies and Disciple Cookies

Once players progress further in the game, they have the freedom to select any Cookies above level 30 as their Hero Cookies. The Cookie with the lowest level among the chosen five will automatically become the Paragon Cookie.

Additionally, players can select a Disciple Cookie, which can be any character above level 30. The Disciple Cookie’s level will then match that of the Paragon Cookie.

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When a Disciple Cookie is placed into the Hall of Ancient Heroes, its level will be automatically boosted to match the Paragon Cookie’s level. For example, if the Paragon Cookie is at level 60 and the Disciple Cookie is at level 31, the latter will be elevated to level 60 upon placement in the Hall.

Solving the EXP Star Jelly Hunt

The Hall of Ancient Heroes addresses a major problem in Cookie Run: Kingdom – the constant search for EXP Star Jellies to level up Cookies. The facility allows players to boost a total of 19 Cookies, with each slot requiring an increasing number of Radiant Shards.

Unlocking the Hall of Ancient Heroes

Fortunately, unlocking the Hall of Ancient Heroes is a straightforward task. Players must have at least six Cookies above level 30 and clear stage 6-15 in World Exploration. After that, they need to complete the following Maestro Sugar Gnome missions:

  • A Well-fed Gnome: Deliver 2 Tart Jampies to the Sugar Gnomes (Rewards: 32,000 Kingdom EXP, 12,000 Coins, 300 Crystals)
  • Building the Hall: Excavate the Statue to build the Hall of Ancient Heroes (Requires 1 Aurora Compass) (Rewards: 85,000 Kingdom EXP, 15,000 Coins, 20 EXP Star Jellies Lv. 5, 1,000 Radiant Shards)

Collecting Radiant Shards

Currently, the Tree of Wishes, the Fountain of Abundance, and several World Exploration stages offer the best opportunities to obtain a consistent supply of Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Players can also trade their existing resources for Radiant Shards at specific locations, including the Medal Shop and the Seaside Market.

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