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Now that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped is here, it’s time for an exciting new adventure. The chapter kicks off with a captivating prologue, featuring the iconic voice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as The Foundation. As you dive into Epic Games’ popular battle royale, you’ll be greeted by an epic intro that showcases the incredible Spider-Man in Fortnite.

Along with the new chapter comes a fresh battle pass, complete with a variety of quests. One of these quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is the Shanta Quests. While it may seem simple at first, as you search for scattered sacred gems across the map, be prepared to face off against the formidable Seven Sentry henchmen.

What is the Shanta Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1?

The Shanta Quest is the first quest available in the latest chapter and season of Fortnite. Shanta is one of the initial characters you unlock when you purchase the Fortnite Battle Pass.

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To complete this quest, you’ll need to find blue gem fragments scattered throughout the map. By collecting these fragments, you’ll unlock Shanta armor pieces and earn a whopping 200,000 experience points. To make things easier, you can mark the quest locations on the map from the game’s lobby under the “Quests” tab.

As part of our Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 guides, there are a total of 10 Shanta Quests that you need to complete:

  • Collect gem fragments outside Seven Vaults – 6 gems
  • Collect gem fragments at Gas Stations – 6 gems
  • Collect gem fragments at Named Locations – 10 gems
  • Collect gem fragments at Crossroads – 9 gems
  • Collect gem fragments inside Dirt Mounds – 8 gems
  • Collect gem fragments at landmarks – 10 gems
  • Collect gem fragments at docks – 7 gems
  • Collect gem fragments near characters – 10 gems
  • Collect gem fragments on rivers using vehicles – 9 gems
  • Collect gem fragments high in the air – 6 gems

How to Complete the Fortnite Shanta Quest Challenges?

Collect Gem Fragments outside Seven Vaults – Locations

To find the gem fragments, head to the guarded outposts marked on the map (refer to the image above). These houses are easily recognizable with their Star Wars-like light brown color and circular closed doors with red light strips. Be cautious as they are heavily guarded by Seven Sentry henchmen.

Here are the locations where you can find the 7 gem fragments outside the Seven Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

  • Northern part of Camp Cuddle.
  • East of Chonker’s Speedway.
  • Southwest part of Greasy Grove.
  • One of the islands above The Joneses.
  • Northeast part of The Daily Bugle.
  • Middle part of the map, a short distance southwest of Coney Crossroads.
  • Northeast from Logjam Lumberyard.
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Remember, you only need to collect 6 gem fragments to complete the quest.

Collect Gem Fragments at Gas Stations – Locations

Getting the gem fragments at Gas Stations is relatively easy, as there are no enemy AIs guarding them. However, be cautious as there may be other players in the vicinity who could pose a threat.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments at Gas Stations in Fortnite:

  • East of The Daily Bugle.
  • Southern part of The Perch.
  • Butter Barn, just south of Rocky Reels.
  • Northeast of Rocky Reels, south of Puddle Pond.
  • Western part of Loot Lake.
  • Southwest of Frosty Field.

Collect Gem Fragments at Named Locations

The gem fragments at Named Locations are conveniently located within the named places on the map. Simply head to these locations to find the gem fragments.

Here are the Named Locations where you can find the gem fragments:

  • Condo Canyon
  • Camp Cuddle
  • Sleepy Sound
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Logjam Lumber
  • The Joneses
  • Chonkers Speedway
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Coney Crossroads
  • Sanctuary

Collect Gem Fragments at Crossroads – Locations

When collecting the gem fragments at the map’s crossroads, it’s advisable to have a vehicle. The fragments are mostly located in crossroads, as the quest name suggests. Refer to the map above to see the exact locations marked with red stars.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments at Crossroads in Fortnite:

  • Northern part of Coney Crossroads.
  • West section of Arid Acres.
  • Between Seven Outpost II and Logjam Lumberyard.
  • Eastern part of Pinnacle Peak.
  • Southern section of Broadcast Bunker.
  • Between The Joneses and Sanctuary.
  • Northern part of Camp Cuddle, northeast of Seven Outpost V.
  • South of Chonkers Speedway.
  • Western part of Puddle Pond.
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Collect Gem Fragments inside Dirt Mounds – Locations

To collect the gem fragments inside dirt mounds, you’ll need to destroy the mounds using your harvesting tool. Look for dark-brown dirt mounds with a beam of light emanating from them.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments inside dirt mounds in Fortnite:

  • Northwestern part of Rocky Reels.
  • Swamp area in the west part of Sanctuary.
  • Close to Seven Outpost VII.
  • Near the Impossible Rock in the northwest of Condo Canyon.
  • Near the area of Pinnacle Peak.
  • Northern section of Greasy Grove.
  • Beach southeast of Condo Canyon.
  • The Loot Lava Volcano Station, east of Coney Crossroads.

Collect Gem Fragments at Landmarks – Locations

Searching for gem fragments in the landmark areas can be a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with the locations. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Refer to the numbered map above to find the 10 gem fragments.

Here are the landmark locations where you can find the gem fragments:

  1. Colossal Cactus
  2. Broadcast Bunker
  3. Shrouded Settlement
  4. Tumbledown Temple
  5. Looper Landing
  6. The Temple
  7. Lockie’s Lighthouse
  8. Shell or Highwater
  9. Sunflower Saplings
  10. Loot Landing

Collect Gem Fragments at Docks – Locations

This Shanta Quest is a breeze! Simply head to the docks marked on the map and you’ll easily find the gem fragments.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments at docks in Fortnite:

  • Logjam Lumberyard
  • Washout Warf landmark, north of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • North of Sleepy Sound.
  • South of Shifty Shafts, in the Loot Lake area.
  • Cuddle Cruisers landmark area, east of The Daily Bugle.
  • Sunburned Shacks area, east of Sanctuary.
  • Launchpad island, between Sanctuary and Looper Landing.
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Collect Gem Fragments near Characters – Locations

Keep an eye out for gem fragments near non-playable characters. They’re easy to spot once you start looking.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments near characters:

  • Near Lt. John Llama in the lower left part of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • Near Cuddle Team Leader in Camp Cuddle.
  • Inside one of the cabins outside where Cuddle Team Leader is in Camp Cuddle.
  • Above one of the houses in the north of Sanctuary.
  • On top of the house located in the middle of the Launchpad island.
  • In front of The Daily Bugle entrance door.
  • On the second floor of the ice cream/waffle shop in Coney Crossroads.
  • In the Seven Outpost II landmark in the northwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • In Greasy Grove, in one of the outdoor shops with canoe boats and tents.
  • In the southwest of Rocky Reels.

Collect Gem Fragments on Rivers using Vehicles – Locations

Get ready for some river adventure! Grab a vehicle and cruise along the rivers to collect the gem fragments. Whether it’s a boat or a car, you’ll be able to pick up the gems as you go.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments on rivers in Fortnite:

  • North of Camp Cuddle.
  • Curved river southwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • River southeast of Sleepy Sound, near the bridge.
  • North of Coney Crossroads.
  • West of Coney Crossroads.
  • Between The Daily Bugle, Sanctuary, and southeast of Coney Crossroads.
  • East of Camp Cuddle.
  • Between Greasy Grove and Rocky Reels.
  • North of Chonker’s Speedway.
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Collect Gem Fragments high in the air – Locations

This quest poses a bit of a challenge, as some of the gem fragments are located high up in the air. You’ll need to build stairs or glide to reach them. Building stairs is the easier option.

Here are the locations where you can find the gem fragments high in the air:

  • On the cliff in the southeast of Choppin Chateau.
  • Near the zipline at The Daily Bugle building.
  • Near a small hut in the west of Sanctuary.
  • Northeast part of Colossal Cactus.
  • Close to a large tree in the east section of Sleepy Sound.
  • In the Desolate Delta lake.

Fortnite Shanta Quest Rewards

Once you’ve completed all the Shanta Quests, you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 experience points and the complete set of Shanta armors.

The Shanta armors can be obtained one by one as you complete the required number of Shanta Quests:

  1. Golden Shanta Shoulder Armor – Complete 2 Shanta Quests.
  2. Golden Shanta Vambracers – Complete 4 Shanta Quests.
  3. Golden Shanta Lower Armor – Complete 6 Shanta Quests.
  4. Golden Shanta Upper Armor – Complete 8 Shanta Quests.
  5. Golden Shanta Headwear – Complete all Shanta Quests.

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