Where is Mike Bowling from The Bowling Family?

We all have those moments when we need some uplifting Christian music to reignite our faith. One of the beloved groups in this genre is The Bowling Family, who have been blessing us with their beautiful music for years. However, a recent social media post from the group has caused quite a stir among fans, leading to speculations about the future of the band. While the post itself doesn’t explicitly mention anything, fans have been spinning their own theories. Let’s dive into the stories that have been circulating among The Bowling Family’s loyal followers.

It’s no secret that The Bowling Family has made a name for themselves in the Christian Gospel Community. In 2010, tragedy struck when the family was involved in a devastating bus accident. They fought for their lives together, and their bond grew even stronger amidst the challenges they faced.

What does Kelly say about moving away?

Now, let’s decipher what we can from The Bowling Family’s recent Facebook post that has sent shockwaves through their fanbase. Just yesterday, on April 14th, 2021, the official Facebook account of The Bowling Family shared a poignant update. The post hinted at Kelly and their daughters making the decision to move out of their home. Fans immediately picked up on the sadness in Kelly’s tone as she shared the news. She acknowledged that moving can be an exciting time that strengthens familial relationships.

Kelly mentioned that people often move for various reasons, like finding a bigger house or relocating to the countryside. However, she left everyone stunned by revealing that their move wasn’t driven by any of those happy reasons mentioned before. Kelly expressed the pain of leaving behind the home they had all grown up in, a place that held countless memories for the family. It was evident that this recent development in their lives wasn’t easy for any of them, and it felt like a punch in the gut. Yet, they had to find a way to cope with it.

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The Bowling Family

What happened to Mike and Kelly Bowling?

Kelly went on to describe how this challenging time coincided with an already busy season, adding an extra weight on their shoulders. She acknowledged that without the support of their loved ones, they wouldn’t have made it through. The rollercoaster of emotions brought by this significant change gradually started to feel like their new normal. Kelly emphasized the need for a season of calmness and peace of mind in their lives.

Later in the post, Kelly mentioned that they would be moving into a blue house, highlighting the religious significance of the color blue. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that only Kelly and the daughters were mentioned in the move. This led to speculations about the state of Mike and Kelly’s relationship. It has been revealed that Kelly and Mike are indeed going through a divorce, which has undoubtedly been a difficult time for Kelly. Furthermore, Mike has been removed from The Bowling Family’s official website, leaving only Kelly and the daughters listed.

In conclusion, The Bowling Family is going through a significant period of change. While it may be a challenging time for them, their fans continue to show their unwavering support. Let’s hope that this family, who have overcome adversity in the past, finds peace, strength, and renewed inspiration in their journey forward.

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