“Damn, Damnable, Damnation”: Exploring the Interpretation of these Words in the Bible

If you’ve ever wondered whether the word “damn” appears in the Bible, you’re not alone. The concept of damnation, associated with eternal punishment, has long been a topic of theological debate. In this article, we’ll delve into the passages where these words are employed and explore their true meanings within the biblical context.

The Usage of “Damn” in the King James Version

The King James Version (KJV) contains references to “damn,” “damnation,” and “damned” in various passages. It’s important to note that the connotation these words carry today isn’t precisely the same as their original intention in 1611.

The True Essence of “Damnation”

The word “damnation” is often used in the KJV as a translation of the Greek word “krinō” and its related forms. However, “krinō” primarily means “to judge” or “condemn.” Its association with eternal punishment evolved over time due to theological influences.

Unpacking the Meaning

For instance, in Matthew 23:14, Jesus warns the Pharisees that they would face “the greater condemnation” for their hypocrisy, not “the greater damnation” as the KJV suggests. Similarly, Mark 3:29 refers to blasphemy against the Holy Ghost as an “eternal sin” rather than “eternal damnation” as commonly interpreted.

Resurrection and Judgment

In John 5:29, Jesus speaks of the resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked, using the term “resurrection of judgment” in the KJV. However, “resurrection of damnation” might give a misleading impression. The focus here is on God’s righteous judgment rather than eternal damnation.

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The Context of Condemnation

In Romans 3:8, Paul asserts that the condemnation faced by some Jews who slandered him is just, emphasizing divine judgment. Similarly, Romans 13:2 reminds Christians to obey the authority of the state, as resisting it could result in “judgment” rather than “damnation” in the KJV.

Condemnation and Personal Conscience

Romans 14:23 addresses the issue of dietary restrictions and the Christian’s conscience. The passage states that those who have doubts about what they eat are “condemned” (not “damned”) by their own conscience and the Word of God.

Other Instances of Judgment

In 1 Corinthians 11:29, the careless observance of the Lord’s Supper is said to bring “judgment” upon oneself, highlighting temporal consequences rather than eternal damnation. Additionally, 2 Thessalonians 2:12 discusses God sending a delusion to unbelievers and evildoers, leading to their “condemnation” (not “damnation”).

The Evolution of “Damn” in Translation

It’s worth mentioning that the Revised Standard Version (RSV) does not include words like “damn,” “damnation,” or “damned.” Instead, it opts for alternative translations such as “condemnation,” “destruction,” and “judgment” which align more closely with the original Greek texts.

This exploration of the usage of “damn,” “damnation,” and “damned” in the Bible demonstrates that their true meaning lies in the context of condemnation, judgment, and divine justice. Understanding their original intent allows for a clearer interpretation of biblical passages and dispels some of the misconceptions associated with eternal damnation.

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