Watch the Canelo Fight on Firestick: A Comprehensive Guide

Video where can i watch the canelo fight on firestick

Fight Overview

Saul Alvarez, the undisputed super-middleweight champion, is set to defend his WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO world titles against British challenger John Ryder. This highly anticipated match marks Canelo’s return to Mexico after a decade and comes on the heels of his victory over Gennady Golovkin and defeat to Dmitry Bovol. Ryder, the underdog, aims to secure an upset in this 12-round, 168-pound super middleweight division fight.

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Fight Details

  • Date: Saturday, May 6, 2023
  • Start Time: 3:00 AM UTC / 11:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM PST / 4:00 AM BST
  • Venue: Estadio Akron in Zapopan, Mexico

Fight Card

The following card is subject to change:

  • Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder – WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, WBO, and The Ring super middleweight titles
  • Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Ronal Batista – WBC flyweight title
  • Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela vs. Steve Spark
  • Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Ricards Bolotniks
  • Nathan Devon Rodriguez vs. Alexander Mejia
  • Bek Nurmaganbet vs. Argenis Espana
  • Lawrence King vs. Elio German Rafael
  • Abilkhan Amankul vs. Jesus Moroyoqui Palomares
  • Johansen Alvarez Suarez vs. Johan Rodriguez Arreguin
  • Jesus Larios vs. Alejandro Curiel

How to Watch Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder with FastestVPN

To enjoy the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight on Firestick without any geo-restrictions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a FastestVPN account.
  2. Download and install the FastestVPN app on your device, whether it’s Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, or routers.
  3. Launch the FastestVPN app and log in using your account credentials.
  4. Connect to a US server from the available server locations within the app. This will grant you a US IP address, enabling access to content typically limited to the US.
  5. Open the Pay-Per-View website or app streaming the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight.
  6. Follow the instructions provided on the website or app to sign up for the PPV event, which may require creating an account and providing payment details.
  7. Complete the payment process for the PPV event.
  8. Once the PPV event begins, you can enjoy the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight on your device, bypassing geo-restrictions through FastestVPN’s US server connection.
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How to Watch Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder on Firestick

If you can’t attend the fight in person, fret not! You can still witness the exciting live action from the comfort of your own home. However, there’s a small catch – the fight is exclusively available as a Pay-Per-View event on DAZN, potentially with geo-restrictions.

But no need to worry! By using a VPN, you can overcome this restriction. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and conceals your IP address, allowing you to obtain a new IP address from a different location and bypass geo-restrictions anywhere in the world.

FastestVPN is an excellent choice for watching the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight on Firestick without any geo-restrictions. This feature-packed VPN offers outstanding unblocking capabilities and even provides a risk-free 15-day money-back guarantee.

With FastestVPN, you can securely connect to a VPN server in a location where DAZN is available, granting you access to the fight without limitations.

Here’s how to watch Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder on Firestick with FastestVPN:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN and create your account.
  2. Install the VPN app on your Firestick device.
  3. Connect to a FastestVPN server located in the United States.
  4. Visit the PPV website or app for Firestick and sign up for the event.
  5. Find the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder PPV event and make the payment.
  6. Once the payment is confirmed, you can enjoy the fight live with FastestVPN, bypassing any geo-restrictions.

So, don’t miss out on this thrilling boxing action! Follow these steps using FastestVPN and enjoy the Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight on Firestick without limitations.

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Canelo Alvarez Stats

  • Height: 5 ft 8+1⁄2 in (174 cm)
  • Reach: 70+1⁄2 in (179 cm)
  • Born: July 18, 1990 (age 32)
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Stance: Orthodox

Boxing Record

  • Total fights: 62
  • Wins: 58
  • Wins by KO: 39
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 2

John Ryder Stats

  • Weight(s): Middleweight, Super-middleweight
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
  • Reach: 72 in (183 cm)
  • Nationality: British
  • Born: July 19, 1988 (age 34)
  • Islington, London, England
  • Stance: Southpaw

Boxing Record

  • Total fights: 37
  • Wins: 32
  • Wins by KO: 18
  • Losses: 5


FastestVPN offers a convenient and effective solution for watching the highly anticipated Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder fight on Firestick, regardless of your location. By simply subscribing to FastestVPN, installing the app on your Firestick, and connecting to a US server, you can seamlessly access the PPV event and enjoy the live fight online. Don’t let location limitations hinder your viewing experience – get FastestVPN today and stream the fight on your Firestick device with enhanced security and ease. Don’t miss the thrilling action – grab your FastestVPN subscription now and never miss a moment of the fight! For more information, visit 5 WS.

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