Where to Buy Seeds Online with EBT

To make a complaint about a purchase issue, kindly submit this form at SNAP Gardens. Further details are provided below.

Where Can You Purchase Seeds?

You can buy food-producing plants and seeds at any authorized SNAP retailer, although not all of them offer these items. Note that not all retailers selling food-producing plants and seeds are authorized to accept SNAP. For more information on SNAP retailer eligibility, visit here.

If the stores where you use SNAP benefits sell food-producing plants or seeds, you can conveniently use your benefits to purchase these items. It’s as simple as that.

To find a retailer near you that welcomes SNAP EBT customers, utilize the SNAP Retailer Locator at SNAP Retailer Locator (Please note that many SNAP-friendly farmers markets are not listed there). Additionally, many farmers markets now accept SNAP benefits. To locate such a market, refer to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farmers Market Search at USDA Farmers Market Search and click on “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” under “Forms of Payment Accepted.”

If your preferred retailer does not sell food-producing plants or seeds, consider requesting them to place a special order. You can bring a seed or plant catalog to the retailer and show them exactly what you’d like them to order for you.

In case a cashier at an authorized SNAP retailer informs you that SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase food-producing plants or seeds, it might be due to a computer programming error. You can politely ask to speak with a manager and request them to verify if you can indeed purchase those food-producing plants or seeds. The Eligible Food Items list on the USDA website here includes “Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.”

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On January 18, 2018, the USDA published a memo providing further clarification, which can be found here. It includes the following eligibility criteria:

Facing Issues with Purchasing?

If you are buying both SNAP eligible and non-eligible items, such as shampoo, toilet paper, or alcoholic beverages, during the same shopping trip, double-check your receipt to ensure that your plant and/or seed purchases are classified as SNAP eligible.

If you encounter any difficulties making these purchases, please fill out the form at SNAP Gardens, and we will assist you in reporting this problem to the relevant retailer and government agencies. Our aim is to minimize the likelihood of such issues for you and other SNAP recipients in the future. Rest assured, all personal information will be kept confidential at your request.

Where Can You Garden?

Discover if there is a community garden in your neighborhood by visiting the American Community Garden Association at www.communitygarden.org. If you can’t find a garden there, do a Google search for “community garden” plus the name of the neighborhood or town where you’d like to garden. If no community garden exists nearby, consider taking the initiative to start one. Helpful tips on getting started can be found here. For those living in public housing, you can inquire with the management about the availability of gardening space. Additionally, contact your municipal Parks Department to find out if there is any public land suitable for gardening.

How to Garden

To seek expert volunteer assistance, reach out to your local Master Gardener organization by visiting their website here. Your local public library is also a valuable resource, offering a variety of gardening books for borrowing. Seed Money provides a wealth of gardening resources, including blogs and forums. Visit their website at Seed Money. Additionally, YouTube offers countless gardening videos. Check out this video from Vegetable Gardening Ideas for vegetable growing instructions: Vegetable Gardening Ideas.

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Share Your Ideas and Experiences with Us!

If you have any other ideas or resources to share, please email us at [email protected] or fill out our comment form. Also, we invite you to participate in our survey if you use some of your SNAP benefits to purchase plants and seeds.

En Español:

Es posible utilizar los Cupones para Alimentos (SNAP) para adquirir plantas o semillas destinadas al cultivo de alimentos. Para obtener más información, visite aquí.

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