Where to Find All the Wisps in Jubilife Village

Video where are all the wisps in jubilife village

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to locating all the Wisps in Jubilife Village for the Eerie Apparitions in the Night Request. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed map and instructions on how to reach each Wisp. Let’s dive in and start hunting!

Jubilife Village Wisp Map

Interactive Map

To make your search easier, we have created an interactive map. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Click the button labeled Wisp below the map to reveal all the Wisp locations.
  2. Change the map view by clicking on the rectangle labeled Area.
  3. Click on a specific Wisp to view a screenshot of its location.
  4. Mark the Wisp as complete by clicking the Mark as Complete button. This will change its icon on the map and help you keep track of your progress.

Don’t worry about losing your progress! All your marks will be saved even if you refresh or leave the page. So take a break whenever you need to and resume your hunt whenever you’re ready!

Traditional Map

For those who prefer a more traditional map, we’ve got you covered. Below is a map of Jubilife Village with the locations of all the Wisps marked. You can find a full-size image of the map [here](insert image link). In Jubilife Village, there are a total of 7 Wisps waiting to be discovered.

How to Get Each Wisp

Video Guide

If you prefer visual assistance, we have prepared a video guide to help you locate each Wisp. Click [here](insert video link) to watch the guide.

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List of Wisp Locations

Here is a list of all the Wisps in Jubilife Village along with their respective locations:

  1. Retrieve the first Wisp from across the river after talking to Vessa.
  2. Find the second Wisp behind the small shed on the opposite end of the Farm.
  3. Discover the third Wisp behind the Training Grounds building.
  4. Explore behind the Galactic Hall building to uncover the fourth Wisp.
  5. Enter from the west side and maneuver your way through the gap between the houses to reach the fifth Wisp.
  6. The sixth Wisp is located in the middle of four houses.
  7. Finally, head to the beach next to the dock to find the seventh Wisp.

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We hope this guide has helped you find all the Wisps in Jubilife Village. Happy hunting, and may you unravel the mysteries of the night! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at 5 WS.

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