Where to Find All the Bags in Royale High 2022

Video where are all the bags in royale high 2022

The Royale High quests for the New Year of 2022 have just been released. Similar to last year’s quests, players are on a mission to obtain the highly sought-after Midnight’s Strike Popstar set. There are a total of six quests to complete, with each one rewarding a different piece of the set. In this article, we will guide you on how to acquire the Midnight’s Strike Popstar Platform Heels by completing the Shopping Bag quest.

Getting Started

To begin the Shopping Bag quest, you’ll need to locate and talk to the NPC named Vioncii. You can find Vioncii to the right of the New Year’s Party Stage in the New Year Realm.

Upon speaking with her, Vioncii will tearfully admit that she has lost all of her new shopping bags and has no idea where they could be. Your task is to reassure her that you will find all 35 missing bags and return them as soon as possible. Once you make this promise, the bags will start appearing around the map.

Locations of the Shopping Bags

Similar to the seashell quest, the shopping bags can spawn randomly in different places for each player. That’s why we can’t provide an exact guide for every location. However, we can share some helpful tips on where to start looking. Keep in mind that the bags are bright pink in the front but black on the sides, so they might be challenging to spot in poorly lit areas. Take your time and search everywhere!

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Initially, we recommend thoroughly searching around the New Year’s Stage. We found the majority of the bags in this area. Look high up on the stage’s scaffolding, low by the bottom of the stage, and everywhere in between.

Bags can also appear between the stage wall and the backstage curtain, as well as in the fenced-in area behind the stage building itself.

After exploring the stage area, head towards the street and search along the sidewalk. If you come across a fence, check behind it! Bags can hide in the alleyways between buildings.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the street itself. You might spot a shopping bag hanging from a streetlight, street sign, or lamp post.

The Luxury Highrise Apartment building, Jamoncii & Calin Co. boutique, and movie theatre are also good spots to search for missing bags. They provide perfect hiding places in plain sight.

Additionally, pay attention to each set of train tracks at the ends of the street. Dark corners are notorious for concealing these bags effectively.

Once you feel like you’ve thoroughly checked the street and its buildings, proceed to the central park area. Look for shopping bags near snowmen, behind trees, buried in snow piles, and especially tucked away behind rocks. Always check behind rocks, even outside the park!

Lastly, keep in mind that these bags only spawn above ground. Luckily, you won’t need to search in the sewer.


Once you have successfully collected all 35 shopping bags, return to Vioncii and speak with her again. She will express her gratitude for your efforts and reward you with the Midnight’s Strike Popstar Platform Heels!

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