I Was Enchanted by Your Flames, Where Have You Disappeared?

Video i was on fire for you where did you go

Cannons, a talented trio hailing from Los Angeles, has been rapidly gaining popularity since their formation in 2013. Their captivating and synth-driven sound, infused with dream-like elements, has left a lasting impression on listeners. One such mesmerizing track that caught my attention is “Fire for You,” a song that I stumbled upon by chance on the radio and has since remained etched in my memory.

A Fiery Melody That Ignites the Soul

Featured on their 2019 album “Shadows,” “Fire for You” begins with Michelle Joy’s haunting vocals, accompanied by Ryan Clapham’s mesmerizing lead guitar and Paul Davis’ skillful drums and keys. The R&B-infused guitar groove, embellished with staccato notes, blends seamlessly with the powerful keys, creating a sforzando-style play that instantly captivates the listener.

The Lingering Echoes of Lost Love

As the song progresses, Michelle’s steady voice takes us on a journey of a relationship that has come to an end. The carefully chosen words convey the depth of the protagonist’s love, a love so intense that she would have sacrificed everything for her partner. However, with lingering questions like “Where did you go?” and “Was I being lied to?”, it becomes evident that the relationship has dissolved, leaving her grappling with the aftermath and the emotions that still stir within her at the mere thought of her ex-lover.

A Funky Groove That Demands Movement

The bass groove in “Fire for You” exudes funk and infectious energy, urging you to move to its rhythm. It’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to dance while this song envelops you. Personally, I eagerly anticipate the day when this song plays and I can unabashedly break into dance. Working from home has certainly been a liberating experience in that regard!

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The Chorus: A Captivating Cascade

Transitioning from regret, the chorus introduces descending keyboard arpeggios and transformed synthesized chords, enhancing the song’s foundation. The lead guitar playfully dances around the notes, creating fleeting moments of melodic brilliance. The repetitive chant of “fire, ‘s on fire” intertwined with Michelle’s haunting vocals envelops the listener, building the song to its crescendo.

An Enchanting Denouement

As the song draws to a close, it circles back to the keyboards and lead guitar that opened it, with the drums becoming more prominent. The layers of sound gradually disintegrate, fading away with a gentle release of air. This dreamwave-esque quality of the song, reminiscent of 80s synthwave blended with a touch of cool 70s disco groove, maintains a modern and sultry allure, transcending generational boundaries. It leaves us eagerly anticipating Cannons’ future offerings within the indie-electro genre.

Please take a moment to listen to the captivating song “Fire for You” by Cannons here.

Enjoy the enchantment!

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