How to Obtain Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark

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Among the necessary materials for your progression in Lost Ark, Caldarr Fusion Materials are essential components that you’ll need to acquire in Tier 2. In this guide, we will help you understand how to obtain these materials and explain their significance.

Lost Ark Caldarr Fusion Material Crating & Farming Guide

After reaching level 50 in Lost Ark, one of the main activities you’ll engage in is completing power quests. Enhancing your equipment is crucial for this, and it requires specific and rare materials. In Tier 2, Yorn and Feiton, Caldarr Fusion Material stands out as one of the most valuable resources.

Caldarr Fusion Material Crafting

Caldarr Fusion Material is an indispensable element for refining your Tier 2 equipment. It allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor from level 600 to 1,100. To obtain these rare materials, you’ll need to excel in Excavating, Hunting, or Fishing (or all three) and utilize your Fortress.

Firstly, you need to upgrade your Fortress to unlock the Niv Complete Crafting Workshop Lv.2 in the Laboratory. It’s easily accessible by creating a total of 144 feasible items in your Fortress’s Workshop. Once you complete this upgrade, you can proceed to the next step.

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Now, you need to reach item level 802 with at least one of your characters. By doing so, you will gain access to the Crafting Method: Caldarr Fusion Material in your Lab. Here are the materials and Lost Ark gold required for this research:

Caldarr Fusion Material Crafting Method:

  • 8x Iron Ore
  • 8x Wood
  • 1,152x Action Energy
  • 21x Gold

Once you’ve completed this research, you can start crafting Caldarr Fusion Material. Head back to your Laboratory and choose the crafting profession you prefer: Excavating, Hunting, or Fishing. Keep in mind that only these three options are available.

The farming method for Caldarr Fusion Materials will depend on the profession you selected during your research in the Laboratory. However, all the farming activities will take place in the Yorn and Feiton regions, which are the Tier 2 regions in Lost Ark.

Farm Caldarr Fusion Materials with Excavating

To create Caldarr Fusion Materials through Excavating, you’ll need to gather the following materials and gold. Each crafting process yields 30 materials:

  • 7x Caldarr Relic
  • 28x Rare Relic
  • 56x Ancient Relic
  • 80x Gold

How & Where to Farm Excavating Caldarr Fusion Materials

You can obtain the required materials from most excavating sites in Arkesia, except for Caldarr Relics, which are specific to the Tier 2 regions, Yorn and Feiton zones.

The Isle of the Azure Wind, located south of Rohendel, is an ideal area to farm Caldarr Relics. Simply perform excavations there as you normally would and hope to obtain Caldarr Relics after each attempt.

Farm Caldarr Fusion Materials with Hunting

To create Caldarr Fusion Materials through Hunting, you’ll need to gather the materials and gold listed below. Each crafting process produces 30 materials:

  • 9x Caldarr Thick Raw Meat
  • 36x Tough Leather
  • 72x Thick Raw Meat
  • 80x Gold
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How & Where to Farm Hunting Caldarr Fusion Materials

Most of the required components for Hunting Caldarr Fusion Materials can be obtained by skinning mobs found in any region of Arkesia. Caldarr Thick Raw Meat, however, may prove to be more challenging to find. You’ll need to hunt in the Tier 2 regions, Yorn and Feiton zones, to acquire it.

The Howling Swamp in the Feiton region is an excellent farming spot for Thick Caldarr Raw Meat. Look for small wild animals hiding in bushes and near harvestable plants. Scare them away to make them come out, then chase them off to obtain the desired component. Keep in mind that rabbits do not drop Caldarr Thick Raw Meat, so don’t waste your time on them!

Farm Caldarr Fusion Materials with Fishing

To craft Caldarr Fusion Materials through Fishing, gather the materials and gold mentioned below. Each crafting process results in 30 materials:

  • 9x Caldarr Solar Carp
  • 36x Natural Pearl
  • 72x Fish
  • 80x Gold

How & Where to Farm Fishing Caldarr Fusion Materials

You can passively obtain Natural Pearls and Fish during your Fishing sessions, so they should be relatively easy to find. However, Caldarr Solar Carp requires fishing in the Tier 2 regions, Yorn and Feiton zones, or Tier 2 islands.

Based on our research and tests, Dream Island, located north of Rohendel, appears to be the most suitable location for farming Caldarr Sun Carp. Fish in the schools of fish found in the basins on the island to maximize your chances of catching Caldarr Sun Carps.

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Pro tip: If you have the Throw Bait skill (requires Fishing level 10), use it to your advantage. It significantly increases your chances of catching this rare fish!

Remember, obtaining Caldarr Fusion Material will require dedication, patience, and mastery of the respective professions. Good luck on your journey to acquire these valuable materials in Lost Ark!

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