How Thick Should EVA Solar Film Be for Module?

how thick eva solar film be for module

How thick should EVA solar film be for module? That’s the question we’ll be answering today. In this article, we’ll explore what EVA solar film is and why it’s an important component in solar panels. So, if you’re curious about this product, read on!

What is EVA?

EVA, short for ethylene vinyl acetic acid derivation, is a thermoplastic polymer used in solar modules as an encapsulating agent. It forms a protective and insulating film around the solar cells, allowing the sun’s energy to pass through while preventing the entry of air and the formation of moisture. With its excellent radiation transmission and resistance to sunlight degradation, EVA ensures the longevity and efficiency of solar panels.

what is eva solar film

Solar EVA Encapsulants

Solar modules may appear simple, but they are actually composed of highly engineered materials that work together to harness energy. One crucial component is the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) encapsulant. This transparent layer of plastomer acts as a protective barrier for the solar cells, preventing water, soil, and other contaminants from affecting their performance. It also ensures optical clarity and electrical isolation, allowing the module to function efficiently for over 25 years.

Product Characteristics & Specifications

Here are some key characteristics and specifications of EVA solar film:

  • High light transmission and low haze rate during the aging process.
  • Excellent bonding and adhesion to glass and back sheet.
  • Superior resistance to yellowing for a longer lifespan.
  • Good long-term thermal properties and low shrinkage rate.
  • Extended shelf life for better storability.
  • High volume resistivity to minimize potential-induced degradation (PID) effects.
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Standard Thickness:

The standard thickness of EVA solar film is between 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm, with a typical thickness of 0.45 mm ± 0.02 mm.

What Happens with Low-Quality EVA?

Solar cells are typically made of silicon, which is prone to reacting with various elements, including oxygen. If the EVA film used is of low quality or the encapsulation process is not carried out properly, the silicon wafer may come into contact with water or air, leading to oxidation. This can result in the panel appearing yellow or brown, which ultimately reduces its efficiency and the overall performance of the solar system.

The solution? Replace the panel with a new one.

How to Avoid Quality Issues?

To avoid these quality issues, it is important to work with a solar charger supplier that uses EVA brands of guaranteed quality. Look for a supplier that follows a strict Incoming Quality Control (IQC) process to test all raw materials received. At ECO GREEN ENERGY, we prioritize working with the best brands for every component of our panels to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

EVA Resin Demand in the Market

In 2021, the estimated demand for EVA resin in the solar industry was approximately 780,000 MT, based on the global annual PV demand of 173 GW and the share of encapsulant film determined by CPIA. Comparatively, the estimated supply of EVA resin was 730,000 MT. This indicates a shortage of 50,000 MT of EVA resin. However, it’s worth noting that additional shipments of polyolefin elastomers (POE) can offset this shortage.

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EVA Film Ribbons Diameter?

Currently, the standard diameter of EVA film ribbons is 0.32/0.3mm, with a weight of 480g on the front and back of a module. As the diameter of the ribbons decreases, the weight of the EVA film also reduces. With the rise of silicon multi-busbar (SMBB) technology, the weight of EVA film could potentially decrease to below 400g/m2. However, the mentioned weight of 480g/m2 is taken into account due to recent developments and uncertainties.

EVA Film Global PV Demand?

Based on the latest forecasts for global PV demand, there is projected to be a demand for approximately 930,000 MT of EVA resin and 160,000 MT of POE-based encapsulants in 2022. The demand for EVA resin is expected to remain around 890,000 MT, assuming a stable supply of POE resin at 200,000 MT.

Solar EVA Encapsulant Capacity

The encapsulant film sector experienced significant capacity growth in 2021, with a total capacity expected to exceed 5 billion m2 by the end of 2022. This capacity will support the demand for more than 500 GW of solar panels. However, the actual addition of new capacity depends on production schedules and limited EVA resin supply.

In terms of manufacturers, First Applied Material, HIUV New Materials, and Sveck are the top three largest producers of EVA film. Cybrid Technologies, Lushan, and Betterial Film Technologies are also planning expansions. For EVA film manufacturers, securing a reliable supply of raw materials remains critical to maintaining competitiveness.

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