How to Convert 2/3 Cup to Tablespoons

Most online recipes require you to measure ingredients in volume, such as teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups. If you have the appropriate measuring spoons and cups, measuring fractions like 2/3 cup shouldn’t be too challenging. However, what if you don’t have the right tools and need to convert 2/3 cup to tablespoons?

In this article, we will explore the process of converting cups to tablespoons and vice versa. We’ll also discuss the limitations of using volume measurements in baking and provide the weight equivalents for 2/3 cup of various kitchen ingredients.

Converting Cups to Tablespoons

Converting cups to tablespoons can be a bit complicated. Before attempting any conversions, you need to know how many tablespoons are in a cup. It may surprise you to learn that there are 16 tablespoons in every cup!

While you can avoid the hassle of converting cups to tablespoons by using a measuring cup with precise volume markings, such as the 3-piece Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set, sometimes you may not have one at hand. In such cases, simple mathematics comes to the rescue.

To convert cups to tablespoons, you need to multiply the volume of the cup by 16. Therefore, multiplying 2/3 of a cup by 16 will give you a final measurement of 10-2/3 tablespoons.

Here is a chart showing the conversion from cups to tablespoons for common measurements:

  • 1/8 cup: 2 tablespoons
  • 1/4 cup: 4 tablespoons
  • 1/3 cup: 5-1/3 tablespoons
  • 3/8 cup: 6 tablespoons
  • 1/2 cup: 8 tablespoons
  • 5/8 cup: 10 tablespoons
  • 2/3 cup: 10-2/3 tablespoons
  • 3/4 cup: 12 tablespoons
  • 7/8 cup: 14 tablespoons
  • 1 cup: 16 tablespoons
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It is unlikely that you will need to convert tablespoons to cups unless you are preparing a large batch of a recipe. In such cases, you can use the following formula:

Cups = Tablespoons ÷ 16

For example, if a recipe calls for 1/8 of a tablespoon of flour and you plan to make 20 batches, you would need to calculate the total cup volume:

Cups = 1/8 ÷ 16
Cups = 1/128

Total cups for 20 batches = 1/128 × 20 = 20/128 = 5/32 cups

Why Measuring by Volume Is Unreliable

While most recipes use volume measurements for ingredients, this method does not always yield accurate results. Why is that?

Using measuring cups and spoons cannot account for the presence of air pockets within the ingredient. This issue becomes more pronounced when measuring powdery ingredients like flour and icing sugar. When you press down on the ingredient after scooping it into a measuring cup, you can fit more in the cup, even though the volume remains the same.

Professional chefs and bakers prefer measuring ingredients by weight, as it ensures precise quantities regardless of how densely the ingredient is packed. However, this method relies on the recipe author providing weight equivalents for volume units.

How Much Does 2/3 Cup Weigh?

The weight of 2/3 cup, or 10-2/3 tablespoons, varies depending on the ingredient you are measuring. For example, 2/3 cup is equivalent to 158 milliliters, which weighs 158 grams or approximately 5.573 ounces of water.

However, the weight-to-volume ratio differs for different ingredients. Sugar, for instance, is denser than water but contains air pockets between the crystals. One cup of sugar weighs 200 grams, so 2/3 cup would be 133-1/3 grams or about 4.703 ounces.

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Here is a table with weight equivalents for 2/3 cup of common kitchen ingredients:

Ingredient 1 Cup in Grams 2/3 Cup in Grams 2/3 Cup in Ounces
Water 236 158 5.573
Flour 120 80 2.822
Granulated Sugar 200 133.33 4.703
Brown Sugar 200 133.33 4.703
Icing Sugar 125 83.33 2.939
Salt 288 192 6.772
Eggs 257 345.30 12.180
Greek Yogurt 285 190 6.702
Buttermilk 242 161.33 5.691
Butter 225 150 5.291
Shortening 205 136.67 4.821
Lard 205 136.67 4.821
Margarine 217 144.67 5.103
Espresso Powder 257 64.26 2.267
Yeast 150 100 3.527
Milk 240 160 5.644
Honey 340 226.67 7.995
Cocoa Powder 85 56.67 1.999
Maple Syrup 340 226.67 7.995
Condensed Milk 306 204 7.196
Coconut Milk 228 152 5.362
Decimated Coconut 95 63.33 2.234
Heavy Cream 231 154 5.432
Sour Cream 240 160 5.644
Crème Fraiche 232 154.67 5.456
Cinnamon 132 88 3.104
Ground Walnuts 80 53.33 1.881
Peanut Butter 250 166.67 5.879
Jellies 301 200.67 7.078
Chocolate Chips 170 113.33 3.998

Measuring 2/3 Cup of Butter

Butter can be a challenging ingredient to measure accurately. A standard stick of butter contains 8 tablespoons or half a cup. However, when melted, butter loses some moisture, reducing its overall weight. In addition, different recipes may require different states of butter, such as chilled, melted, or softened.

To measure 2/3 cup of butter, which is equivalent to 10-2/3 tablespoons, you can take one whole stick of butter and add another 2-2/3 tablespoons. Pay close attention to the markings on the butter’s packaging to ensure you’re adding the correct amount.

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Alternatively, you can measure butter by weight. From the table above, you can see that 2/3 cup of butter weighs approximately 5.3 ounces. To ensure precise measurements, use a reliable digital scale like the Escali Primo P115C, which can measure weight in fractions of an ounce.

In conclusion, converting between cups and tablespoons requires knowing the appropriate conversion factors. However, keep in mind that measuring by volume may not be as reliable as measuring by weight. By understanding these concepts, you’ll be better equipped to tackle any recipe that calls for 2/3 cup in tablespoons.

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