Who Is Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Best Friend?

A Twist in Zach Wilson’s Love Life

Zach Wilson, the talented quarterback for the New York Jets, seems to have found himself in a complicated romantic web. Rumor has it that his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, is now dating his college roommate and Washington Commanders wide receiver, Dax Milne. What makes this situation even more intriguing is the alleged accusation made by Gile that Wilson cheated on her with his mom’s best friend.

A Romantic Revelation on Instagram

Milne recently posted a heartwarming Instagram picture that seemed to confirm his relationship with Gile. The post featured two images of the couple, affectionately holding hands and cuddling on a beach. Despite Gile’s face remaining hidden, the caption, “Word on the street,” left little doubt about their connection.

Sports site uStadium caught wind of the post and shared it, referring to the mystery woman as Gile. They also noted that Wilson and Milne are no longer following each other on Twitter or Instagram, adding fuel to the rumor mill.

Abbey Gile and Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, has accused the football player of sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

Confessions and Deleted Evidence

According to uStadium, Gile, who was once Wilson’s high school sweetheart, confirmed her relationship with Milne in a now-deleted Instagram video. Screenshots of the video were widely shared online, capturing Gile’s admission.

However, things took an interesting turn when Gile responded to a commenter accusing her of being a “homie hopper” for dating her ex-boyfriend’s former best friend. In a since-deleted comment, Gile claimed that Wilson had been involved with his mom’s best friend, going so far as to call him the “real homie hopper” and punctuating her statement with two laughing emojis.

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Soon after, Gile deleted her Instagram account, while Milne blocked any comments on his initial romantic post. As for Wilson, he has remained silent on the matter, and the identity of his mom’s best friend remains a mystery.

Abbey Gile
Gile quickly deleted her Instagram account after launching the accusation.

The Fallout and Memes

Unsurprisingly, the rumors surrounding Wilson’s love life have sparked a flurry of online activity. Memes and jokes have flooded social media platforms, with one even poking fun at Wilson’s alma mater, Brigham Young University, by jokingly referencing his supposed “Cougars” connection.

Notably, fellow football players have weighed in on the situation as well. Former wide receiver Chad Johnson tweeted, “Zach Wilson is the [goat],” using the popular acronym for “greatest of all time.” DK Metcalf chimed in with a laughing emoji, seemingly confirming Johnson’s statement.

Wilson’s mom, Lisa Neeleman Wilson, posted an emotional video about online predators.

A Mother’s Concern

While Wilson’s love life has dominated the headlines, his mother, Lisa Neeleman Wilson, took to Instagram to address a different issue. In an emotional video that spanned almost 30 minutes, she spoke about the dangers of social media and online predators, expressing her pain over her daughter’s negative experiences. Lisa emphasized the need for parents to reclaim their role and protect their children from the harmful effects of the online world.

In this whirlwind of personal drama, it’s important to remember that celebrities are not immune to the trials and tribulations of love and friendship. As the situation between Wilson, Gile, and Milne continues to unfold, one thing is clear: relationships can be complicated, even for star athletes.

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