Who is the Girl in the AWS Commercial?

Have you ever wondered who the captivating girl in the AWS commercial is? Her vibrant energy and unique style have caught the attention of many viewers. In this article, we’ll delve into the backstory of this intriguing character and uncover the creative concept behind the advertisement.

Exploring the Brand Challenge

“The brief is the result of a process initiated by Amazon to help solve a brand challenge,” says Charlie Lanus, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy London. Amazon felt that previous promotional efforts didn’t fully capture the essence of their Prime membership, which offers a multitude of benefits. The aim was to develop a creative campaign that would emotionally connect with customers and highlight the many advantages of Prime.

Uniting Passion and Interest

During the brainstorming phase, the creative team pondered what could unite the multifaceted benefits of Prime from a consumer’s perspective. They discovered that passion and interest have the power to profoundly impact our lives, leading us to new experiences and possibilities. Whether it’s music, film, or purchases, these passions could all be fueled by Prime. It became the driving force behind the advertisement.

Embracing Self-Expression

The concept of the ad revolves around a young woman who embraces her individuality and questions societal norms. One aspect that caught the attention of the creative duo, Georgina Brisby and Marcelo Duarte, was the unexplored territory of facial hair. It presented an opportunity for Prime to play an inspiring role. They imagined the girl using Prime to learn about mustachioed icons, listening to Queen, admiring Eddie Murphy’s thick mustache in “Coming 2 America,” and even donning a Freddie Mercury-style jacket.

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Breathing Life into the Vision

The creative process was far from easy. The script went through multiple revisions to achieve the perfect balance of fun, surprise, and authenticity. The team wanted to create something that felt relatable and genuine. To bring their vision to life, they collaborated with talented directors who added their unique perspectives.

The Magic of Collaboration

Working alongside actor Olivia Wilde was a joy for Duarte and Brisby. They admired her previous work and believed she was the perfect fit for this inherently female story. Wilde’s strong vision and dedication breathed life into the script, making it feel fresh, fun, and cinematic. Over the course of three days, the team embarked on a creative journey that resulted in the captivating AWS commercial we see today.

The Power of Prime

In addition to featuring the captivating girl, Amazon will launch a digital campaign with singer Lizzo in “Watch Out for the Big Grrls” and actor John Krasinski in “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” These campaigns aim to further showcase the power and versatility of the Prime membership.

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