Keemo Abbott: The Return of a Mysterious Y&R Character

It’s been over two decades since Keemo Abbott graced our screens on The Young and the Restless. However, rumors are swirling that this long-lost character might make a comeback to Genoa City. Will he return, and could he bring his daughter with him? Let’s dive into all the details.

What Happened to Keemo Abbott?

Keemo Abbott’s character was introduced in 1994 as the son of Jack Abbott and Luan Volien Abbott. Surprisingly, Jack didn’t find out about his son until he discovered Luan running a restaurant in Genoa City. Thanks to the efforts of Christine Blaire, Keemo’s existence was revealed, leading to a reunion between Jack and Luan.

However, when Keemo returned to Genoa City, he struggled to accept Jack as his father and held resentment towards his estranged parents. Keemo also had a romantic involvement with Mari Jo Mason, Jack’s ex-fiancĂ©e, but their relationship fell apart when he discovered her manipulative actions.

Keemo Volien Abbott with Jack Abbott and Luan Volien
Keemo Volien Abbott is the son of Jack Abbott and Luna Volien Abbott in Y&R

Keemo’s character disappeared after he warned Jack about Mari Jo through a fax. Since then, there has been no mention or sighting of Keemo, leading many to believe he was no longer part of the show.

Is Keemo Abbott Returning?

The mention of Keemo’s name after such a long absence has sparked speculation and intrigue among fans. Jack Abbott receives mysterious texts connected to his late wife, Luan Volien, and his estranged son, Keemo Abbott. These texts claim that Keemo is dead and urge Jack to come to LA.

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After some research, Jack discovers an obituary confirming Keemo’s passing. However, when he travels to LA, he learns that he has a granddaughter named Allie. This revelation opens up the possibility of Keemo making a comeback to Genoa City, accompanied by captivating storylines. What are your thoughts on this potential return? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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What Is Keemo Abbott Doing Now?

photo collage of Keemo Abbott and Luan Volien
Jack and Keemo lost touch when Luan passed away and never made contact again.

Philip Moon portrayed Keemo Abbott on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 1996. Following his departure from the show, Moon pursued acting in various films, including “88 Minutes” and “Lethal Weapon 3.” He is widely recognized for his role as Woo in Jeff Bridges’ comedy, “The Big Lebowski,” among others.

Moon, who took a break from the industry to care for his mother battling Alzheimer’s, expressed his readiness to return to acting. He plans to be involved with an Alzheimer’s charity, showcasing his aspirations for the future.

The mention of Keemo’s character has ignited speculation about his potential return and the intriguing storylines it could bring to the soap. As fans eagerly await further developments, don’t forget to tune into The Young and the Restless, airing weekdays on the CBS network.

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