Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Revealing the Risqué Scenes

Video who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit scene dress flies up

A Surprising Revelation

It’s not an easy gig being a beloved Disney character lately. From a disgruntled Nancy Kerrigan complaining to Mickey Mouse during a Disney parade to the latest revelation by Variety, it seems no character is safe from controversy. The iconic line uttered by Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” now takes on a whole new meaning.

A Mischief Uncovered

Variety has recently stumbled upon some mischievous hidden frames from the hit Touchstone film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” that bear a striking resemblance to the famous interrogation scene in “Basic Instinct” starring Sharon Stone.

Disney’s Unexpected Surprise

Disney, known for its wholesome family entertainment, unintentionally included a subliminal, full-frontal, albeit almost indiscernible, nude shot of one of its franchise females in an animated film. This revelation has left the audience stunned.

An Animator’s Secret Playground

Legend has it that Disney animators entertained themselves for years by sneaking in a few racy frames, undetectable at the standard movie frame rate of 24 frames per second. These hidden gems, like a defecating chipmunk in “Snow White,” were never truly substantiated until the advent of laserdisc technology, which allows viewers to advance scenes frame-by-frame.

Roger Rabbit’s Unveiling

The “Roger Rabbit” laserdisc reveals several intriguing scenes. One of the most captivating moments occurs when the animated Jessica Rabbit is riding alongside Bob Hoskins through Toon Town in an animated taxi. The cab collides with a light post, sending both occupants flying. Jessica’s skirt flies up as she spins in a Kerrigan-like triple lutz fashion.

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A Provocative Peek

During the first spin, it appears Jessica is wearing underwear. However, on the second spin, three frames clearly show that she’s wearing nothing at all. It’s a revealing sight that leaves nothing to the imagination.

More Naughty Moments

Further examination of the laserdisc uncovers another risqué scene. In the opening sequence, diaper-clad Baby Herman, voiced by an adult, stomps off the set in frustration. As he passes under a woman’s dress, she reacts with a scream and a jump. What appears playful onscreen reveals a different story when viewed frame by frame. Baby Herman can be seen extending his middle finger as he dives beneath the skirt, then emerging with a sly grin.

A Prankster’s Haven

Additional elusive scenes rumored in the original film could not be detected on the laserdisc. One particular scene shows Hoskins entering a Toon Town men’s room, adorned with graffiti on the wall. Among the playful messages, one reads, “For a good time, call Allyson Wonderland,” followed by “The Best Is Yet to Be.” According to speculation, one frame allegedly featured the home phone number of Disney chairman Michael Eisner. However, the pranksters must have removed that frame for the laserdisc release.

The Olympic Dash for TV Deals

In other news, winter Olympic athletes are sprinting towards lucrative TV deals, with several participants nearing the finish line.

CBS is currently in advanced negotiations to produce a television movie based on the life of Ukrainian gold medalist skater Oksana Baiul. The film will be co-produced by Edgar Scherick, alongside Baiul’s manager, Michael Rosenberg.

Dan Jansen, the renowned speed skater who experienced both disappointment and redemption in the Olympics, is also close to securing a telepic deal. Jansen lost in both the 1988 and 1992 Olympics but ultimately triumphed by winning gold in his final Olympic race. Potential partners for Jansen include producer Steve Tisch, Warner Bros. TV, or Patchett Kaufman Ent., the makers of NBC’s “In the Line of Duty” series.

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Meanwhile, Tonya Harding is considering selling the rights to her story to producer Zev Braun for an upfront payment of $50,000 against $500,000. Braun believes he can secure a network or off-network deal for the Harding story, despite the hesitancy of networks due to potential felony charges.

On the other hand, the story of skater Bonnie Blair, who achieved remarkable success in Olympic races, seems to be locked out of TV movie contention for now. Blair’s agent, Peter Sawyer at Fifi Oscard, revealed that she plans to write a book first and focus on commercial endorsements. Sawyer hopes that a movie opportunity will emerge from the book since Blair’s Olympic achievements make her a strong candidate.

The Buzz on Book Rights

The book rights marketplace is starting to heat up with some intriguing titles. Paramount and producer Mark Johnson recently closed a $50,000 option deal, potentially reaching $250,000, for “Terminal Games.” This cyberthriller, to be published by Bantam, tells the story of computer addicts engrossed in a game where they create fantasy alter egos to experience pickups and witness fictional murders in a snuff room. The protagonist, a computer junkie, discovers that a real murder mirrors one she witnessed in the game.

Two other titles generating buzz are “If I Should Die” by Pete Dexter and “Brothers and Sisters” by Beebe Moore Campbell. Dexter’s novel follows a woman whose imprisoned lover prompts her to seek help from her brothers. Rosalie Swedlin has an exclusive first-look window for this book but it is set to end soon. CAA’s Bob Bookman will be representing Campbell’s novel, which delves into themes of sexual harassment. Book buyers are intrigued by the story of two women, one black and one white, working together at a law firm. When a new boss, a black man, arrives, their friendship is tested as allegations of harassment emerge.

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In conclusion, the hidden risqué scenes in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” have shed light on the mischievous acts of Disney animators. The scandal brings into question the boundaries of what’s appropriate in family entertainment. As the Olympics come to a close, athletes are eagerly pursuing TV deals, while the book rights market offers promising new titles for readers and publishers alike.

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