Who Are the Performers in the Aflac Commercial?

Video who are the dancers in the aflac commercial

A Fun Collaboration Celebrating Diversity and HBCUs

Wait, can you believe it? After achieving 256 career wins and seven national championships as a college head coach, Nick Saban finds himself face to face with a talking duck, while Deion Sanders entertains us with his hilarious quips. This is what makes America truly great!

In the Aflac commercial, Sanders and Saban seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. It’s an entertaining way to bring attention to the issue of unexpected medical bills that are not covered by health insurance.

But there’s more to it. Aflac also takes this opportunity to celebrate historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and communities of color. The band featured in the commercial, “Flockwave and the Incomparable Tailfeathers,” comprises actual HBCU musicians and dancers. They perform a game-day rendition of “Must Be The Money,” Sanders’ iconic walk-on song from his playing days. It’s a fitting selection that embraces the spirit of HBCUs. Even the band uniforms, Deion’s wardrobe, and the Aflacket are specially designed to showcase the essence of HBCUs, according to Aflac.

In fact, Aflac has been committed to promoting diversity since their very first TV spot, “Park Bench,” back in 2000. They believe that their latest work, with director J.J. Adler from Ruckus Films and her multicultural crew, exemplifies the evolution of this dedication.

According to Dagger’s creative director, Brandon Hampton, “Coach Prime is not just an exceptional athlete and coach, but also a father, teacher, and advocate for Black opportunity. He bridges the gap in HBCU education, just as Aflac bridges the healthcare gap for policyholders.”

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And then there’s Saban, often regarded as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). Hampton explains that Saban’s straightforward and no-nonsense personality presented an interesting challenge to contrast with another strong personality on camera. Ultimately, they found the perfect fit in Coach Prime.

In fact, the coaches had a chance to meet before the shoot, and it was fascinating to witness their immediate friendship and mutual respect. When Coach Prime was called to set, he jokingly said, “The next person who interrupts me and Coach Saban while we’re talking football is going to get it!” Needless to say, they all had a good laugh!

The Aflac commercials will be aired on ESPN/ABC, the ACC Network, the SEC on CBS, and other platforms throughout the college football season. Additionally, social media support and various activations will further amplify the campaign’s reach.


Client, Aflac:

  • Shannon Watkins, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer
  • Garth Knutson, VP Brand Marketing
  • Mallory Hartline, Sr. Brand Manager, Connections
  • Michele McMullin, Sr. Brand Manager, Experiential
  • Amy Persons, Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications
  • Kaci Stewart, Sr. Brand Manager, Content
  • Alex Santos, Brand Manager
  • Tod Meisner, Brand Manager, Social Media
  • Sean Kelly, Brand Manager
  • Lisa Malone, Brand Manager, Connections
  • Lacrecia Cade, AVP, B2B Brand Strategy
  • Jared Martin, Creative Studio Director
  • John Helms, Multimedia Manager

Dagger, AOR:

  • Creative: Al Patton, Chief Creative Officer
  • Brandon Hampton, Creative Director
  • Aaron Konter, Associate Creative Director
  • Cleo Bess, Art Director
  • Ransom Haywood, Senior Copywriter
  • Emily Turner, Copywriter
  • Cristian San Emeterio, Copywriter
  • Brittany Lazaroff, Content Creator


  • Carla Guy, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jessica Neville Tinetti, Group Director Strategy
  • Natalie Otterson, Senior Brand Strategist
  • Kelly Taylor, Senior Content Strategist
  • Tristan Watson, Social Engagement Manager
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  • Todd Johnson, Executive Producer, Campaign Lead
  • Chris Cella, Social Content Director
  • Adina Hilton, Senior Producer, Aflac Social
  • Daniel Barnes, CG Supervisor, CG Social Lead
  • Adrian Schwarz, Social Production Manager
  • Cory Di Mino, Social Video Editor and Motion Graphic Manager


  • Vince Scicchitano, VP Group Account Director, Aflac Account Lead
  • Brittany Hurley, Account Supervisor, Lead on Aflac Brand
  • Katie Orr, Account Supervisor, Lead on Aflac Social
  • Kristin Richards, Program Director, Aflac Brand & Social
  • Eliana Katz, Program Manager, Aflac Brand
  • Lauren Herle, Program Manager, Aflac Social
  • Sarah Kuhn, Project Coordinator, Aflac Brand & Social

Ruckus Films, Production Company:

  • Director: JJ Adler
  • Executive Producer: Greg Jones
  • Cinematographer: Eric Steelburg

Hero Post, Post Production Company:

  • Editor: Jeff Jay
  • Executive Producer: Molly Baroco

Framestore, Visual Effects:

  • VFX Supervisor: Martin Lazaro
  • Executive Producer: Heino Henning
  • Senior Producer: Maura Hurley


  • Spark Foundry – Media Agency
  • MELT Atlanta – Experiential Agency
  • Manifest – B2B Agency

For more information about Aflac, visit their website here.

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