Blox Fruits Update 15: What’s Coming Next?

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Roblox Blox Fruits, the ultimate One Piece game on Roblox, is gearing up for an exciting new release. Get ready for Update 15, packed with thrilling features and exciting updates! In this article, we will delve into all the leaks, details, and other juicy information about the upcoming patch. So, hold on tight and let’s dive in!

Release Date & Countdown

The much-awaited Roblox Blox Fruits Update 15, also known as Third Sea or Sea 3, is set to hit the virtual shores on September 10th, 2021, at 10 pm EST/7 pm PST. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a brand new adventure!

Update 15 Patch Notes

Update 15 brings a wave of exciting changes and additions to enhance your Blox Fruits experience. Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store:

  • Increased level capacity to an impressive 2,000.
  • Explore the vast Third Sea, complete with a massive island and a new giant island. Discover three remote islands and unravel secrets and missions along the way.

Fruit Inventory and Trading

  • Introducing Fruit Inventory and Trading options for all the treasure hunters out there. Utilize the new Treasure Storage feature to keep your fruits secure.
  • Each fruit can be stored only once, with unlimited capacity using Game Passes. Enhance your storage capacity with the [+1 Treasure Cap] item, obtained through Robux or by trading with fellow players.
  • Meet the Treasure Storage NPC located in various parts of the map, just like the beloved Weapon Storage NPC.
  • Engage in Fruit Trading to exchange your stored fruits for different fruits or Game Passes. Remember, if you want to trade Game Passes, you must first purchase them as a gift for yourself.
  • Keep your Game Passes and fruits organized in the new Treasure Storage menu, allowing easy access and management.
  • Each trade can involve a maximum of four fruits or Game Passes on both sides, providing endless possibilities and combinations.
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New Fruits and Awakenings

Update 15 introduces nine thrilling new fruits and two awakening abilities:

  • Venom: Get ready for a powerful transformation that boosts your defense, jump power, and damage. Unleash your fury in two different modes: untransformed and transformed (ultimate form).
  • Spin: Discover the Spin fruit and unlock its unique abilities.
  • Door, Kilo, Diamond, Love, Falcon: Uncover the mysteries behind these new fruits and harness their incredible powers.
  • Magma and Buddha: Awaken your true potential with the new Magma and Buddha awakenings.

Observation V2 and Server Browser

  • Gain the upper hand in battles with Observation V2. View your opponent’s level and hotbar for strategic advantage.
  • Explore new horizons with the Server Browser. Discover and join servers you have not ventured into before. Filter by Total Bounty, Region, and Server Name to find the perfect virtual paradise.

Exciting Additions and Improvements

  • Electric Claw: Unlock a new fighting style and wield the mighty Electric Claw.
  • Legendary Swords: Collect five new swords, including two legendary ones.
  • Accessories Galore: Discover five new accessories and enhance your style.
  • New Gun: Arm yourself with a brand new weapon, adding more firepower to your arsenal.
  • Fresh Titles: Earn a few new titles and showcase your achievements.
  • Friendly 1v1s: Engage in friendly duels in the Third Sea’s 1v1s arena. Say goodbye to bounty loss on death and embrace thrilling battles.
  • Fast Spawn Event: Enjoy faster fruit spawns during weekends, with fruits appearing every 45 minutes instead of every hour.
  • Youtuber Rewards V2: More YouTubers join the rewards list, with more surprises yet to come.
  • Improved Swimming Mechanics: Dive into the water with enhanced swimming mechanics for a smoother experience.
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Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

Update 15 also addresses some balance changes and bug fixes to ensure a seamless gameplay experience:

  • String Awakening: The C move now features auto-aim, while its damage has been slightly decreased.
  • Dragon: The fury meter now regenerates at a slightly faster pace.
  • Buddha V1: Instead of increasing HP, it now provides a 40% defense boost based on your Blox Fruit stat.
  • Cyborg: Energy Core now explodes 1 second faster, with increased stun and defense. The V2 accessory has also undergone visual changes.
  • Dark Blade: Reduced the end lag on the Z move.
  • Pole V2: Made it a bit harder to break observation with Z.

The update also includes several bug fixes, enhancements to failed purchases, security against exploits, and optimization upgrades for smoother gameplay.


The much-anticipated Blox Fruits Update 15 is just around the corner, promising a multitude of exhilarating new features and enhancements. Get ready to sail the Third Sea, explore new islands, trade fruits, and unlock powerful abilities. Keep an eye out for the release date, and stay tuned for more thrilling updates in the Blox Fruits section of our website!

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