I’ll Praise You When I Face Obstacles

Video i'll praise you when the mountains in my way

A Song of Hope and Encouragement for Every Journey

What is the Meaning of the Song “Highlands”?

The “Highlands” song of Ascent is a praise song sung by the Israelites during their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. It is based on religious themes, particularly within the Christian context. It signifies a song of salvation, acknowledging God even in the face of hardships and challenges encountered on the journey of faith.

The Significance of “Highlands” (Song of Ascent)

The idea behind “Highlands” (Song of Ascent) originated when Joel Houston was going through a mid-life crisis. The lyrics of the song resonated with the ever-present faithfulness and love of God, even when one feels undeserving of such love. It reveals the willingness of believers to endure difficult situations in search of God’s grace, which they recognize as accessible.

In the mountains, on the hills, in the valley of death, and amidst heartaches, this song serves as a reminder that God is always present, guiding his people with unending mercy through every hardship they face.

“Highlands” (Song of Ascent) appeals to people of all generations, both young and old.

Key Facts About “Highlands” (Song of Ascent)

  • The song was composed by Joel Houston and Benjamin Hastings, members of Hillsong United.
  • Production credits go to Joel Houston and Michael Guy Chillet.
  • It was recorded live in Sydney, Australia, during the Hillsong worship and creative conference.
  • The official release date of the song was April 26th, 2019.
  • “Highlands” is the 8th track on the 14th People (Live) Hillsong album.
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Hillsong United: Unveiling the Essential Details

Hillsong, an Australian megachurch, has gained global popularity with a strong fan base. Renowned for producing contemporary modern Christian music, Hillsong United, which was established in 1983 at Hillsong Church in Sydney, holds a significant position in creating Christian praise and worship songs. Notable songs produced by Hillsong United include “What a Beautiful Name” and “Highlands” (Song of Ascent).

The founders of Hillsong United are Brian and Bobbie Houston, who currently serve as the global senior pastors of Hillsong Church. Since its establishment, Hillsong United has released 14 live albums, including “A Beautiful Exchange” (2010), “Spirit and Truth” (1988), “The Same Skies” (2021), “Let There Be Light” (2016), and “Blessed” (2002).

Throughout the years, Hillsong United has received prestigious awards such as the Grammy Award, Dove Award, and has appeared on the Billboard charts with top-performing Christian songs.

Additionally, Hillsong United has collaborated with various record labels such as Hillsong Music, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Epic Records, Sparrow Records, and Integrity Music.

The Message Behind “Highlands”

“Highlands” is a song that encapsulates a Christian’s journey of faith with God through life’s ups and downs. It emphasizes the unwavering nature of God, regardless of the circumstances or seasons believers may encounter.

The lyrics of “Highlands” communicate the significance of praising God during both calm and stormy periods. The line, “So I will praise You on the mountain, and I will praise You when the mountain’s in my way,” depicts surrender and worship in all situations.

Life presents challenges and setbacks to people of all races, including Christians. At times, these obstacles may lead to feelings of failure or mistakes. Nevertheless, the “Highlands” song of Ascent reminds believers of the physical, emotional, and spiritual battles that God equips them to overcome.

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Ultimately, the central theme of the song is to encourage Christians in their pursuit of God and their hunger for His presence.

Lyrics of “Highlands” (Song of Ascent) By Hillsong

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