How to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up in the Rain

It’s quite common for car windows to fog up during rainfall. This can be frustrating and even dangerous if you continue driving with reduced visibility. Have you tried using your wiper blades to clear the fog?

Understanding the Causes of Fogging

Damp weather and low temperatures are the main culprits behind foggy car windows during rainstorms. The fogging occurs due to condensation on the inner surface of the windows, which is unrelated to the external environment. Consequently, simply using your wiper blades will not clear the fog.

When the humidity inside the car is high and the temperature inside is warmer than the outside temperature, condensation occurs, leading to foggy windows. This is a natural phenomenon, similar to when you pour cold water into a glass cup and it fogs up until the water cools down. The moisture on your car windows will clear once cold air enters the cabin.

How to Defog Windshields Without AC

If your car doesn’t have air conditioning or you prefer not to use it, there are still ways to defog your windshield in the rain. One effective method is to wipe the windows with a clean, dry, and lint-free towel from the inside before turning on the AC. Additionally, many vehicles have air vents that allow you to blow cold air directly onto the windshield, significantly accelerating the defogging process.

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In some cases, the fog may persist even with the AC on. This could be due to the moisture mixing with oils on the windows. Cleaning solutions and air fresheners used in the car cabin may contain small amounts of oil, which can evaporate and cling to the windows during extreme weather conditions. If this happens, try rubbing a soda or alcohol-soaked clean towel on the windshield before using the AC.

Preventing Car Windows from Fogging Up in the Rain

To avoid foggy windows altogether, it’s important to take preventive measures. Keeping your windows clean is crucial, as oil particles and dirt can accelerate fogging. Regularly cleaning the windows with water and a clean towel can help prevent fog from forming.

For a longer-lasting solution, consider using anti-fogging products specifically designed for car windows. There are various options available on the market, such as Car Interior Glass Anti-fog. Follow the instructions on the packaging when applying these products for optimal results.

How To Keep Car Windows From Fogging Up In The Rain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you defog car windows in the rain outside?

A: The best approach is to first clean the interior of the car with a lint-free towel. Afterward, turn on the AC to match the cabin temperature with the outside temperature. This will enhance visibility and effectively defog the car windows.

Q: How do you defog the windshield in the rain without AC?

A: While the most efficient way to defog windshields in the rain is by using the air conditioner, there are alternative methods if using the AC is not preferable. You can slightly crack the windows to allow air circulation, turn on the defroster to the minimum setting, which is less cold than the AC, or switch off the recirculate settings to let fresh air enter the cabin.

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Q: Why do my car windows fog up on the inside when it rains?

A: As mentioned earlier, car windows fog up due to condensation caused by high humidity inside the cabin. The fog forms because the inside temperature is higher than the ambient temperature. It’s similar to when cold water is poured into a glass cup.


Experiencing foggy car windows during rainfall is a normal occurrence. This article has provided insights into the causes of fogging, preventive measures, and effective ways to keep your car windows from fogging up in the rain. Remember to also maintain the weatherstripping on your car doors as deteriorated rubber can allow moisture to enter the cabin and cause leaky windows when it rains.

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