When You Feel Completely Alone: Finding Hope and Connection


Sometimes life throws us unexpected challenges, leaving us feeling isolated and alone. After losing my dad to Alzheimer’s last year, I found myself in a similar situation. With no other family, close friends, or a partner, my constant companions became emptiness, loneliness, and my beloved 8-year-old dog, Roxie. It often feels like there is no one to talk to, and the future seems bleak. In this letter, I share my story of solitude, seeking solace and guidance.

The Weight of Silence

I must admit, I can go days without uttering a single word to another person. It’s just me, my thoughts, and the quiet emptiness around me. Writing has become my way of communicating, a way to preserve some connection with the outside world. It’s like talking to myself, offering a semblance of sanity in an otherwise lonely existence.

The Desperate Search for Hope

I want to be honest; my life feels extremely disheartening at times. So, please don’t offer empty promises of hope, telling me to do this or that. Deep down, I know you mean well, but it’s hard to believe in a brighter future. Nevertheless, here I am, writing this letter, not completely giving up on the possibility of change.

A Different Perspective

Dear Solitary,

Rather than offering advice, I want to express my curiosity about your situation. It seems that you already have the answers within you; perhaps you’re just not ready to act on them. It’s natural to feel anger and sadness after caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s for so long. Their illness takes a tremendous toll on our emotional and physical energy.

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Embracing Renewal

Now is the time for renewal. You wrote this letter as a call for change. While I don’t know the specifics of your interests or dreams, I believe you hold the knowledge of what you need to do. Taking that step, however, can be daunting. It’s essential to recognize that knowing what to do is often easier than actually doing it.

Navigating Despair

You mentioned, “If God had told me this would be my life, I would have stayed put.” But where exactly would you have stayed? Would it be in a different place, a different career, or an entirely different version of yourself? Your words hint at a sense of hopelessness, but remember that hope can be found even in the darkest moments. Sometimes, an external perspective can help shed light on the possibilities. Considering working with a therapist might be a valuable option. They won’t dictate your actions, but they will support you as you navigate the challenges and find your own path forward.

Extending Compassion to Yourself

Can you extend the same compassion and commitment you showed in caring for your father to yourself? Take a moment to reflect on why this may be difficult for you. Have you ever experienced someone caring for you in the same way? It’s crucial to channel your kindness and dedication towards your own well-being.

Embracing Self-Reflection

I have many questions, and perhaps you do too. Your act of writing suggests that you often question yourself and your circumstances. This self-reflection is a powerful tool for growth and understanding.

Breaking Out of Solitary Confinement

While it’s clear that you feel profoundly lonely, you possess the ability to connect with others when you choose to. You have unintentionally placed yourself in a state of self-imposed isolation. I wonder, what led you to this point? Is it a form of punishment or a conscious choice? It’s possible that you enjoy the freedom and solitude, where you are responsible only for yourself and your loyal canine companion.

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Redefining Your Perspective

You describe your life as “pathetic,” but I see immense potential within you. It’s time to make a decision—a decision to embrace all that you have and to create a life that brings you fulfillment and joy.


Dear Solitary,

Know that you are not alone in your struggle. Life’s challenges are not meant to be faced in solitude. Reach out, connect with others, and acknowledge the strength and resilience that lies within you. Your journey towards hope and connection begins by recognizing the choices available to you. You have the power to shape your own future.

Take care,

Lynn Somerstein, PhD, NCPsyA, C-IAYT

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