Valerie Bertinelli Reveals How Her Weight Provides Emotional Protection

Exploring the Connection Between Weight and Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli, renowned Food Network star and author, has been refreshingly transparent about the impact her weight has on her mental well-being. During a recent interview on “Today With Hoda and Jenna,” Bertinelli delved further into this connection, shedding light on how her weight serves as a shield for her mind.

“A lot of challenges, a lot of heartbreak, a lot of crazy stuff is going on in my life right now,” Bertinelli shared candidly with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager. When questioned about her recent divorce, she seized the opportunity to reflect on the lessons she has gained through self-discovery.

The Protective Effect of Extra Weight

In the interview, Bertinelli admitted that she hadn’t stepped on a scale since completing her book. With honesty and self-compassion, she acknowledged her reluctance to harshly judge herself in the present moment. Bertinelli recognizes that her body is holding onto the weight as a form of protection during challenging times.

“My body is doing this for a reason,” Bertinelli explained, “because it needs protection.” She elaborated on the heartbreak she was referring to – her divorce from Tom Vitale, whom she married in 2011, and the loss of her former husband, the late rocker Eddie Van Halen, who succumbed to throat cancer in 2020. Despite the toll on her mental health, Bertinelli remains hopeful that she will achieve greater well-being.

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The Path to Internal and Emotional Health

Bertinelli expressed her belief that as she becomes internally and emotionally healthier, the weight will naturally dissipate. She acknowledged making positive changes in her lifestyle, such as reducing alcohol consumption, limiting sugar intake, and incorporating more vegetables into her diet. By treating her body with kindness, Bertinelli is confident that the weight will eventually release.

This is not the first time Bertinelli has courageously addressed body image issues. Her detailed memoir, “Enough Already,” which touches on the topic, soared to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Hoda Kotb praised Bertinelli’s vulnerability and relatability, affirming that many readers resonate deeply with her experiences.

Celebrating Success Amidst Struggles

Bertinelli acknowledged that during challenging moments, it is easy to overlook the positive aspects of life. However, amidst the turmoil, the star has reasons to celebrate. Her show on The Food Network, “Valerie’s Home Cooking,” has been renewed for another season and has also received an Emmy nomination. Additionally, her son, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently earned a Grammy nomination. These accomplishments offer Bertinelli rays of hope and moments of joy.

Reflecting on her recent divorce, Bertinelli discovered her inner strength and realized that she deserves better than what she previously thought. She now understands that she possesses emotional resilience beyond her perceived limits.

Gratitude as a Guiding Light

In moments of darkness, Bertinelli finds solace in gratitude. She shared that each day, she starts by expressing gratitude for the wonderful life she leads. It is through this humble practice that she manages to navigate even the toughest of times.

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We commend Bertinelli for her openness and honesty regarding her mental health journey. Her insights continue to inspire, and we eagerly anticipate the wisdom she will share next.

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