How to Express Love in Polish: 20+ Romantic Phrases

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I can understand why you’re here. You’re looking for ways to say “I love you” in Polish. Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll share over 20 different ways to express your love in Polish, along with some similar phrases like “I like you.” So, let’s dive in and explore these beautiful expressions of love!

1. Kocham Cię

  • Translation: I love you
  • Pronunciation: Koh-ham chyeh

This is the most common way to say “I love you” in Polish. It’s a straightforward and direct expression of love for someone. “Kocham” is the first-person singular form of the verb “kochać,” which means “to love” in English. “Cię” is the second-person singular object pronoun, which translates to “you” in English.

2. Uwielbiam Cię

  • Translation: I adore you
  • Pronunciation: Oo-vyel-bee-yam chyeh

This phrase means “I adore you” or “I love you to bits.” It’s a more intense way to express your love and admiration for someone.

3. Jestem zakochany w Tobie

  • Translation: I am in love with you
  • Pronunciation: Yes-tem za-koh-ha-ny v toh-byeh

This phrase conveys the message “I am in love with you.” It’s a romantic and passionate way to express your feelings.

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4. Jesteś moim skarbem

  • Translation: You are my treasure
  • Pronunciation: Yes-tesh moy-im skar-bem

This phrase translates to “You are my treasure.” It’s a sweet and endearing way to express your love for someone.

5. Kocham Ciebie całym sercem

  • Translation: I love you with all my heart
  • Pronunciation: Koh-ham chyeh-byeh tsah-wim sehr-tsem

This means “I love you with all my heart.” It’s a powerful and emotional way to express your love.

6. Jesteś moją miłością

  • Translation: You are my love
  • Pronunciation: Yes-tesh mo-yon mi-wo-shchaw

This phrase means “You are my love.” It’s a simple and romantic way to express your feelings.

7. Kocham Cię nad życie

  • Translation: I love you more than life
  • Pronunciation: Koh-ham chyeh nad zhih-tsyeh

This translates to “I love you more than life.” It’s a poetic and intense way to express your love.

8. Nie wyobrażam sobie życia bez Ciebie

  • Translation: I can’t imagine life without you
  • Pronunciation: Nyeh voh-brah-zhahm soh-byeh zhih-chyah behz chyeh-byeh

This means “I can’t imagine life without you.” Although not a direct way to say “I love you” in Polish, it effectively conveys your deep attachment and dependence on someone.

9. Serce mi bije dla Ciebie

  • Translation: My heart beats for you
  • Pronunciation: Ser-tse mi bee-yeh dla chyeh-byeh

This phrase translates to “My heart beats for you.” It’s a romantic and poetic way to express your love.

10. Bez Ciebie nie jestem kompletny/a

  • Translation: I am not complete without you
  • Pronunciation: Behz chyeh-byeh nyeh yes-tem kom-pleht-ni/ah

This means “I am not complete without you.” It signifies how important someone is in your life.

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11. Twoja miłość jest dla mnie życiem

  • Translation: Your love is my life

This phrase conveys the message “Your love is my life.” It expresses the importance of someone’s love in your life.

12. Zakochałem/am się w Tobie od pierwszego wejrzenia

  • Translation: I fell in love with you at first sight

This means “I fell in love with you at first sight.” It’s a romantic way to express the strength of your feelings.

In addition to “I love you,” here are a few ways to say “I like you” in Polish:

13. Podobasz mi się

  • Translation: I like you
  • Pronunciation: Po-doh-bash mi sh-ye

This means “I like you” or “I find you attractive.”

14. Lubię Cię

  • Translation: I love you
  • Pronunciation: Loo-byeh chyeh

This literally means “I like you.” It’s a casual way to express fondness.

15. Przyjemnie jest z Tobą

  • Translation: It’s nice to be with you
  • Pronunciation: Pzhi-yehm-nyeh yest z toh-bą

This means “It’s nice to be with you.” It expresses your enjoyment of someone’s company.

Responding to “I Love You” in Polish

  1. Ja również Cię kocham
  • Translation: I love you too
  • Pronunciation: Yah yeh-ven-toh chyeh koh-ham

This means “I love you too.” It’s a simple and straightforward way to reciprocate someone’s love.

  1. Ja też Cię bardzo kocham
  • Translation: I also love you very much
  • Pronunciation: Yah tesh chyeh bar-dzo koh-ham

This phrase means “I also love you very much.” It shows the depth of your love for someone.

  1. Kocham Cię bardziej
  • Translation: I love you more
  • Pronunciation: Koh-ham chyeh bar-jey

This means “I love you more.” It’s a playful and loving way to express the intensity of your love.

  1. Jestem z Tobą szczęśliwy/a
  • Translation: I am happy with you
  • Pronunciation: Yes-tem z toh-bą sh-chen-shlee-vi/ah
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This means “I am happy with you.” It conveys how much someone’s love means to you and contributes to your happiness.

  1. Całe moje serce należy do Ciebie
  • Translation: My whole heart belongs to you
  • Pronunciation: Tsa-weh moy-eh sehr-tse nah-leh-zhi do chyeh-byeh

This translates to “My whole heart belongs to you.” It expresses how completely you love someone and how they have your heart.

  1. “Nie kocham Cię”
  • Translation: I don’t love you
  • Pronunciation: Nyeh koh-ham chyeh

This phrase is a straightforward and clear way to express that you don’t have romantic feelings for someone. It’s important to know both expressions of love and lack of love!

  1. “Dziękuję”
  • Translation: Thank you
  • Pronunciation: Jen-koo-yeh

This is how you say “thank you” in Polish. It’s a polite and common way to express gratitude and appreciation for someone’s love and affection.

Now you know a whole bunch of ways to say “I love you” in Polish. But which one is the most important to know? The number one phrase to remember is “Kocham Cię.” Why? Because it’s the most common and straightforward way to say “I love you” in Polish. The other phrases are variations that you can explore when you’re more fluent or want to show off. But for the basics, “Kocham Cię” is your go-to expression.

Remember, love knows no language barriers, and expressing your feelings in Polish can add an extra touch of romance to your relationship. So go ahead, use these phrases to make your loved one feel special in the language of love.

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Now that you’ve learned these romantic Polish phrases, it’s time to practice and impress your loved one. Don’t forget to check out the further resources below for more Polish language learning materials.

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